Teaching Programs

Concurrent Education ProgramĀ (CTEP)

Since 2007, the University of Toronto Mississsauga has offered Concurrent Education program in Mathematics, training students to become Intermediate/Senior teachers.

Admission is open to students applying directly from high school. Students must present the six Grade 12 U/M courses including the program-specific prerequisites. The program specific prerequisites for Concurrent Education/Math (TEM) areĀ ENG4U, MCB4U, MGA4U.

Second-year entry is also available to students currently enrolled in first year, either at the University of Toronto or elsewhere.

The Concurrent Education Program has expanded their list of approved second teachables, see http://www.ctep.utoronto.ca/program/areas.html.

For more details, please call 905-828-5400 or visit www.ctep.utoronto.ca