Program Requirements

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Bioinformatics - Specialist Program ERSPE1868

Within an Honours degree, 14.5 credits are required.

Limited Enrolment --Enrolment in this program is limited. Students who wish to enrol at the end of the first year (4.0 credits) must have passed all the courses listed for the first year, attained at least 60% in all 100-level computer science and mathematics courses, and have a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.0.

Tuition fees for students enrolling in this program are higher than for other Arts and Science programs.

1st Year (4.5 credits)

BIO152H5; CHM140Y5; MAT102H5, 134Y5/135Y5/137Y5, 223H5; CSC108H5, 148H5

2nd Year (4.0 credits)

BIO206H5, 207H5, 215H5; CHM242H5; CSC207H5, 236H5, 263H5; MAT232H5.

3rd & 4th Years (6.0 credits)

BIO314H5, 372H5, 477H5/478H5; CSC321H5/411H5, 343H5, 373H5;
MAT242H5 (should be taken in 3rd year), 332H5;
STA257H5, 258H5 (must be taken in 3rd year).

At least 1.0 credit from the following list of recommended courses, of which at least 0.5 must be at the 400-level: BIO315H5, 341H5, 370Y5, 371H5, 380H5, 443H5, 481Y5; CBJ481Y5; CHM361H5, 362H5; CSC310H5, 338H5, 363H5; JBC472H5; JCP410H5; STA348H5, 442H5

  • Students need to obtain permission from the instructors to take BIO207H5 without the BIO153H5 corequisite and BIO314H5 without the BIO315H5 corequisite.
  • If BIO477H5, 478H5, 443H5 are not offered in the 4th year of a student's studies, he or she must take an additional 0.5 credit from the recommended 400-level courses.
  • It is highly recommended that students wishing to pursue graduate studies or employment in the field of bioinformatics take the Independent Project course (CBJ481Y5).
  • Professional Experience Year (PEY) is an option for students in the Bioinformatics program. For more information please visit