People - Administrative Staff

Camille Angiers, Operations Assistant
Office: DH-3008
Phone: 905-569-4512
Dr. Ilia Binder, Professor, Associate Chair
Office: DH-3026
Donna Coulson, Manager, Finance and Operations
Office: DH-3020
Phone: 905-828-3810
Dr. Konstantin Khanin, Professor and Chair
Office: DH-3016
Phone: 905-828-3834
Julia Martyn, Assistant to the Chair and Department Assistant
Office: DH-3018
Phone: 905-828-5350
Dr. Alvaro Nosedal-Sanchez, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Statistics Faculty Advisor
Office: DH-3030
Phone: 905-828-3812
Mr. Andrew Petersen, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream; 2018-19: Acting Vice-Dean Teaching and Learning
Office: DH-3096
Andrew Wang, Systems Administrator
Office: DH-3010
Phone: 905-569-4416
Dr. Maria Wesslen, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Mathematics Faculty Advisor
Office: DH-3048
Phone: 905-828-5323
Alice Yang, Financial Officer (on leave)
Office: DH-3014
Phone: 905-828-3814
Yvette Ye, Undergraduate Counselor
Office: DH-3012
Phone: 905-828-3801
Dr. Daniel Zingaro, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Faculty Advisor-CSC Sessional Hiring, TAs and Timetable
Office: DH-3078
Phone: 905-569-4880