MCS students win 1st place at Scotiabank’s S:/Hacks hackathon

Wednesday, September 22, 2021 - 6:29pm

Team of three MCS Computer Science students - Suhaib Aldada, Amjad Hassoun & Majed Abed Moosa - won 1st place in Scotiabank's first student hackathon, S:/Hacks. Established in 2018, the hackaton's problem statement this year was to create a solution that could be adopted by Scotiabank to improve accessibility to online financial services and minimize the digital divide in our society as technology rapidly advances.  The MCS student team put together a solution called ScotiaHub. ScotiaHub consists of cost-saving branches that allow for a simplified online banking experience. Integrated with an interactive voice assistant, the ScotiaHub promotes equality amongst a diverse pool of clients. The ScotiaHub comprises several tablets  integrated with an all-new UI that makes it easier than ever to access. Tablets allow for instant bill payments, void check printing, depositing checks, and many other frequent tasks that cannot be done through an ATM machine.

Below is the link to MCS team's pitch: