Professional Experience Year

Eligibility for PEY

The PEY Program is open to the following registered University of Toronto undergraduate students:

  • undergraduate students enrolled in Engineering, Computer Science at St. George Campus and Mississauga Campus
  • Canadian Citizen and Permanent Resident undergraduate students enrolled in the Faculty of Arts and Science
  • second- or third-year full-time students in the current academic year.
  • returning to third or fourth year on a full-time basis in the year following the PEY internship
  • in good academic standing at the time of registration, and at the start of the PEY year.

The Professional Experience Year (PEY) is about more than just exposure to jobs. It's about:

  • accomplishments, because 12 to 16 months of work allows you to complete large-scale projects and reach professional milestones
  • developing lasting relationships with employers
  • significant practical experience outside of the classroom

What are the Benefits of PEY?

  • PEY gives you an edge in the workplace: Many PEY students secure a position before they graduate from U of T. On average, new grads with PEY experience can negotiate a starting salary at their first full-time job that is 15 per cent higher than those without PEY experience.
  • PEY provides career clarity: Spending 12-16 months in a professional work environment will give you a good opportunity to explore career paths within your placement and build valuable industry contacts.
  • PEY offers a wide range of opportunities: Your PEY experience can also take you abroad, with approximately 50-60 international internships taking place each year at companies like the Agfa-Gevaert Group in Belgium, Microsemi Corporation in the United States, Orbis Investment Management Limited in Bermuda, the Nordex Group in Germany and IDOM in Spain.
  • PEY opens industry doors: Approximately 70 per cent of PEY students return to finish their degree with a job offer in hand.​

PEY Internship Program Contact Information:

The Professional Experience Year program is now open to
students in all programs offered by the Department of
Mathematical and Computational Sciences.