Professional Experience Year

Reistration for PEY is open from September 9-19, 2016 and January 6-12, 2017. Please register through the Engineering Portal.

Download the PEY Guide 2017/2018(PDF)

Eligibility for PEY

The PEY Program is open to the following registered University of Toronto undergraduate students:

  • Undergraduate students enrolled in Engineering, Computer Science at St. George Campus and Mississauga Campus
  • Canadian Citizen and Permanent Resident undergraduate students enrolled in the Faculty of Arts and Science
  • 2nd or 3rd year full-time students in the current academic year (2016-2017)
  • Returning to 3rd or 4th year on a full-time basis in the year following the PEY internship
  • In good academic standing at the time of registration (2016-2017), and at the start of the PEY year (2017-2018)

The Professional Experience Year (PEY) is about more than just exposure to jobs. It's about:

  • Accomplishments - because 12 to 16 months of work allows you to complete large-scale projects and reach professional milestones.
  • Developing lasting relationships with employers.
  • Significant practical experience outside of the classroom.
What are the Benefits of PEY?
  • PEY gives you an edge in the workplace: Many PEY students secure a position before they graduate from UofT. On average, new grads with PEY experience can negotiate a starting salary at their first full-time job that is 15 per cent higher than those without PEY experience.
  • PEY provides career clarity: Spending 12 to 16 months in a professional work environment will give you a good opportunity to explore career paths within your placement and build valuable industry contacts.
  • PEY offers a wide range of opportunities: Your PEY experience can also take you abroad, with approximately 50-60 international internships taking place each year at companies like the Agfa-Gevaert Group in Belgium, Microsemi Corporation in the United States, Orbis Investment Management Limited in Bermuda, the Nordex Group in Germany and IDOM in Spain.
  • PEY opens industry doors: Approximately 70 per cent of PEY students return to finish their degree with a job offer in hand.
  • PEY is a paid internship: On average, students on PEY earn a salary of $47,000 in 2015, the highest PEY salary was $104,000.

PEY Internship Program Contact Information:

The Professional Experience Year program is now open to
students in all programs offered by the Department of
Mathematical and Computational Sciences.