The Math Club

The MCS Department Math Club meets weekly for two hours to hear about interesting mathematics that lies outside the standard curriculum in a relaxed, informal, interactive setting. The talks are aimed to be accessible to anyone with basic knowledge of calculus and linear algebra, and usually involve interactive components where students get to work 'hands-on' with the material being presented. Our speakers are typically MCS faculty and post-docs, as well as graduate students from the St. George campus and the occasional outside speaker. We also provide opportunities for undergraduate MCS students to speak, giving them the opportunity to gain experience learning and presenting mathematics to their peers without the pressure of being graded. Our club is open to any student interested in expanding their exposure to mathematics and its applications, and is an excellent opportunity to get to know other students with a similar interest — helping to build an extra-curricular community among our students.

For more information about Math Club, or to join the Math Club mailing list, contact Jaimal Thind (