Prerequisite or Corequisite Waiver Form


Q. I lack the required prerequisites(s) for an MCS course I wish to take, can I still take the course?

No. We normally don't allow students to join a course without having the required pre/co-requisite(s). Joining a course without a pre or co-requisite means that you probably won't have the necessary background and knowledge needed to complete the course successfully. 
Note: Courses with only high school prerequisites, like MAT102, and our first-year Calculus courses, and MAT223 do NOT require a pre-requisite waiver form. We do not check high school prerequisites for these courses. 
However, if you feel that you do have the required background (e.g., from a course taken at another institution), you can request a waiver, by completing an "Application for Waiver of Prerequisite or Corequisite" form during the first week of classes.
The form must be printed and handed in to the course instructor during the first week. Your request will be either accepted or declined, and you will be notified if you are to be removed from the course.