The departmental deadline: March 22, 2021

University of Toronto Excellence Awards (UTEA)


UTEA, funded by the Vice-President Research and Innovation, aims to provide undergraduate students with opportunities to conduct a summer research projects under the supervision of eligible faculty members.  

Based on the current allocation model, UTM will award FOUR (4) UTEA-SSH, and TWO (2) UTEA-NSE for 2021. 

Value of a UTEA-NSE Award

The value of a UTEA-NSE award is $7,500 ($6,000 provided by the University to be matched by a minimum of $1,500 by the student’s supervisor and/or department). Research Services may request backup documents demonstrating this matching requirement is met at the time of award. 

Value of a UTEA-SSH Award

The value of a UTEA-SSH award is $6,000, all of which is covered by funding from the Vice-President Research and Innovation. Top-up funding for UTEA-SSH Awards is optional. 

Award Duration: 14 full weeks in the summer term, between May 1 and September 30, 2021. It is the responsibility of Faculty supervisor/Department Chair/Division to communicate all award/payment/reporting details to the student. 

Please note the following:

  • The deadline for receipt of completed applications from departments is Friday, March 26, 2021, at 5pm.
  • Only one (1) UTEA application per category (UTEA-SSH and UTEA-NSE) from each UTM academic department may be submitted. Departments please email each application package in one SINGLE pdf file to Rong Wu (rong.wu@utoronto.ca) by the deadline. Applicants and supervisors please submit your applications to your departments for departmental internal competitions.  
  • The supervisor of a UTEA-SSH or UTEA-NSE recipient must be a faculty member holding an active SSHRC or NSERC grant administered through UTM, either as the principal investigator or the co-investigator.
  • Each application package should include: Part 1 (student form), Part 2 (proposed supervisor form), and student official transcript (eTranscript or scanned transcript).
  • For the UTEA award which is submitted to the Office of the VP, Research, for UTM internal competition, the faculty supervisor must complete an application using the My Research ­Applications (MRA) online system by the deadline, March 26: http://www.research.utoronto.ca/my-research/
    It is required to attach the following documents in the MRA application:
    1. Completed UTEA application forms (part 1 form and part 2 form)
    2. Student transcript

For complete details on the program and eligibility criteria, please refer to the attached guidelines and application forms. 

For complete details on the program and eligibility criteria, please refer to the attached guidelines and application forms

Applications should be submitted to the Undergraduate Counselor no later than Monday, March 22, 2021

Please contact Rong Wu at rong.wu@utoronto.ca with any questions you may have regarding this award opportunity.

Faculty members who hold NSERC Grants and are eligible to supervise  UTEA in the MCS Department at UofT Mississauga are:

Dr. Julie Desjardins, Mathematics
Dr. Jessica Burgner-Kahrs, Computer Science
Dr. Michael Groechenig, Mathematics 
Dr. Ilia Binder, Mathematics
Dr. Jacopo de Simoi, Mathematics
Dr. Yael Karshon, Mathematics
Dr. Konstantin Khanin, Mathematics
Dr. Dehan Kong, Statistics
Dr. Yevgeny Liokumovich, Mathematics
Dr. Kahrs, Lueder A, Computer Science
Dr. Sushant Sachdeva, Computer Science
Dr. Arul Shankar, Mathematics
Dr. Florian Shkurti, Computer Science 
Dr. Stanislav Volgushev, Statistics
Dr. William Weiss, Mathematics
Dr. Daniel Wigdor, Computer Science
Dr. Michael Yampolsky, Mathematics
Dr. Ke Zhang, Mathematics