The departmental deadline: March 5, 2019

NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA)

The Department of Mathematical and Computational Sciences will be participating in the NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA) Program for the summer of 2018. If you are interested in pursuing graduate studies in MCS at the University of Toronto, you should seriously consider submitting an application. This program gives undergraduates the opportunity to work on a project with a clear research goal, under the supervision of a professor who is active at the forefront of his or her field. It is an excellent introduction to research in MCS, and gives undergraduates the opportunity to interact directly with professors, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows.

Purpose:  To Provide research work experience that complements the degree program which will encourage students to consider graduate studies and pursue careers in the natural science and engineering.

Award Value: $4,500/award with a minimum 25% supplement provided by the department. 

Duration: 16 full consecutive weeks (similar to co-op work terms).  For USRA work terms shorter than 16 weeks, NSERC's approval must be obtained prior to the beginning of the work term. 

USRA Workterm at U of T: The University of Toronto administers this program in the summer term only, between May 1st and September 30th of each year.

Administration: The Office of the Vice-Principal : Research at the University of Toronto Mississauga administers this program.

Please contact the Undergraduate Counselor if you are interested in applying for an NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award.

Applications are due to the Undergraduate Counselor in the
MCS Department Office (3012 Deerfield Hall).
DEADLINE: Tuesday, March 5, 2019

University of Toronto NSERC Information
Program Guide and Application Procedures

Application Checklist

Student - Supervisor Certification


More Information about NSERC

 USRA application information will be captured from the NSERC On-line System. Therefore, all applications MUST be completed by students and their supervisors online (https://ebiz.nserc.ca/nserc_web/nserc_login_e.htm). Applications must be submitted online and then be printed and signed manually.  Those prepared by any
other means (e.g., handwritten or manually
typewritten) will NOT be accepted.

Supervisors MUST use the new version of PART 2 of Form 202
(revised and posted as of January 5, 2011)

Faculty members who hold NSERC Grants and are eligible to supervise NSERC USRA in the MCS Department at UofT Mississauga are:

Dr. Julie Desjardins, Mathematics (Conditional)
Dr. Michael Groechenig, Mathematics (Conditional)
Dr. Ilia Binder, Mathematics
Dr. Jacopo de Simoi, Mathematics
Dr. Sanja Fidler, Computer Science (apply for her through St. Geroge Campus)
Dr. Ian Graham, Mathematics (not available 2019)
Dr. Yael Karshon, Mathematics
Dr. Konstantin Khanin, Mathematics
Dr. Dehan Kong, Statistics
Dr. Sushant Sachdeva, Computer Science
Mr. Florian Shkurti, Computer Science (conditional)
Dr. Arul Shankar, Mathematics
Dr. Luis Seco, Mathematics
Dr. Stanislav Volgushev, Statistics
Dr. William Weiss, Mathematics
Dr. Daniel Wigdor, Computer Science
Dr. Michael Yampolsky, Mathematics
Dr. Ke Zhang, Mathematics

Computer Science students can also apply to the Department of Computer Science on the St. George campus, as some of our faculty hold their NSERC Grants there.

Application Instructions for Students (UofT and Non-UofT)

1. Contact the department Undergraduate Office where you wish to apply and inquire about supervisor and quota availability. You can apply to more than one department but can only hold one USRA.

2. Complete the latest version of the application form (Part 1) online. Follow the instructions and adhere to NSERC’s General Presentation Guideline. HANDWRITTEN APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

3. Attach a PDF copy of your transcripts to the application form (Part 1), after it has been opened and reviewed by the Undergraduate Office.

4. RSO will also require a printed hard copy of the completed application that is to be submitted to the department Undergraduate Coordinator along with your most current original transcript.

5. A Student/Supervisor Certification form must be completed and must bear your and your supervisor’s original signatures.

6. Research Services will not accept any application that has not been endorsed by the department.

Student Eligibility:

  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.
  • Registered either full-time or part-time (at the time of application) in a bachelor's degree program in at least one of the two terms immediately before holding the award. NSERC, however, expects that full-time students will hold most awards.
  • Must have obtained, over the previous years of study, a cumulative average of at least second class (a grade of "B" or “B-“, if applicable)
  • Must have completed, at the time of application, a minimum of two academic terms/semesters.
  • Already holds a bachelor's degree and is studying towards a second bachelor's degree in the natural sciences or engineering.
  • Graduating students, in the term immediately following the completion of their undergraduate program requirements, as long as they have not started a program of graduate studies.
  • Be engaged on a full-time basis in research and development activities in the natural sciences or engineering during the award tenure.

Additional information can be found by visiting the NSERC website