What Will I Study?


CSC108H5: Introduction to Computer Programming
CSC148H5: Introduction to Computer Science
MAT102H5: Mathematical Proofs
(MAT135H5 & MAT136H5)/MAT137Y5: Calculus

Course descriptions and program requirements can be found in the Academic Calendar.

Computing facilities for undergraduates are excellent. On campus there are over 400 Linux PC's, Windows PC's and Apple Macs. Two laboratories are used mostly by Computer Science students, although all laboratories when not booked for courses, are available to all students. Also, students can work from home, using their own computers either independently or as remote terminals connected by telephone or internet to campus.

The strength and breadth of our research activities create a superb environment for undergraduate students. Our faculty members enjoy a strong world-wide reputation in varied fields of research: artificial intelligence, interactive computer graphics, database and office systems distributed computation and networks, system modeling and analysis, system software and programming.