Management FAQs


What courses will I take in my first year?

Students normally take 4.0 or 5.0 credits in the Fall/Winter session, from September to April, including the following required courses:

-ECO100Y Introduction to Economics (1.0 credit) ( 63%)

-MGM101H Introduction to Management Functions (0.5 credit) (63%)

-MGM102H Management in a Changing Environment (0.5 credit) (63%)

-Starting in 2018-2019 Calculus and Linear Algebra (MAT133Y5 with at least 50%), or equivalent;

-Starting in 2019-2020 MAT133Y Calculus and Linear Algebra for Commerce (1.0 credit) (63%)

You may choose any other UTM courses to fill in the remaining 1 or 2 credits.


I did not obtain a grade of 63% in ECO100Y, MGM101H, MGM102H and/or MAT133Y what are my options now?

If your final grade in these courses falls between 50% - 62% you can repeat the course once as an extra.  The repeated course mark will not count in your CGPA or as a credit towards your degree.


What is the CGPA cutoff for admission to Management?

The CGPA will vary from year to year and is based, in part, on supply and demand.


What programs are offered in Management?

-Management Major - (Must be combined with another Major) leads to an HBA or HBSC

-Management Specialist - leads to a BBA degree

-Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations  Specialist (starting in Sept. 2015) - leads to a BBA degree

Are the requirements the same for admission to both programs?



Is there a minimum CGPA one must maintain in order to stay in the program?

No. There is no minimum CGPA required for the program, however, students must attain a CGPA of at least 1.85 in order to graduate.


What tuition fees do Management students pay?

For fees information please check the Fees website.

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