Management FAQ

Q: What courses will I take in my first year?
Students normally take 4.0 or 5.0 credits in the Fall/Winter session, from September to April, including the following required courses:
  • ECO100Y Introduction to Economics (1.0 credit) ( 63%)
  • MGM101H Introduction to Management Functions (0.5 credit) (63%)
  • MGM102H Management in a Changing Environment (0.5 credit) (63%)
  • Starting in 2018-2019 Calculus and Linear Algebra (MAT133Y5 with at least 50%), or equivalent
  • Starting in 2019-2020 MAT133Y Calculus and Linear Algebra for Commerce (1.0 credit) (63%)
*You may choose any other UTM courses to fill in the remaining 1 or 2 credits.
Q: I did not obtain a grade of 63% in ECO100Y, MGM101H, MGM102H and/or MAT133Y what are my options now?
If your final grade in these courses falls between 50% - 62% you can repeat the course once as an extra. The repeated course mark will not count in your CGPA or as a credit towards your degree.
Q: What is the CGPA cutoff for admission to Management?
The CGPA will vary from year to year and is based, in part, on supply and demand.
Q: What programs are offered in Management?
  • Management Major - (Must be combined with another Major) leads to an HBA or HBSC
  • Management Specialist - leads to a BBA degree
  • Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations  Specialist (starting in Sept. 2015) - leads to a BBA degree
Q: Are the requirements the same for admission to both programs?
Q: Is there a minimum CGPA one must maintain in order to stay in the program?
No. There is no minimum CGPA required for the program, however, students must attain a CGPA of at least 1.85 in order to graduate.
Q: What tuition fees do Management students pay?
For fees information please check the Fees website.

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