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SubjectPOSt admission

For upper year admission, we receive approximately 300 applications for the Management program and will accept around 60 students. For the Commerce program, we receive approximately 600 applications and accept around 300 students.


The cut-off will vary each year and is dependent on the applicant pool.

Round 1: In 2020/2021, the Management and Commerce cut-off was approximately 73% (the average program entrant was approximately 3.3 for Commerce and 3.0 for Management).

Round 2: In 2020/2021, the Management cut-off was approximately 67% and the Commerce cut-off was approximately 76% (the average program entrant was approximately a 3.3 for Commerce and 3.0 for Management).

*New in 2021: A weighted average of prerequisite courses will be used to determine program admission (ECO100Y5, MGM101H5, MGT120H5 or MGM102H5, MAT133Y5 or MAT135Y5 or both MAT135H5 and MAT136H5. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for details.

The majority of admission offers will be allocated during the first round, late May-early June. There will be an opportunity for second round admissions but is likely to be more competitive given the remaining spaces available for the program.


There are two rounds of admissions within the Department of Management. The first round of decisions are usually available at the end of May or early June and the second round of decisions are usually available early September. The majority of admission offers will be allocated during the first round, late May - early June. There will be an opportunity for second round admissions but is likely to be more competitive given the remaining spaces available for the program.

Unfortunately not! All courses required for completion of your program (including the prerequisite courses) must be graded.

Yes! Once admitted to the program, students can easily switch programs on ACORN. Please remember that you can switch programs and will not need to reapply in order to change specializations. Please email the Academic Advisor if you are in the Management Major and would like to switch to the Specialist (again, you will not need to re-apply once admitted to ERMAJ2431).

Repeating a course for program admission & reapplying to the program 

Yes, students may repeat a specific passed course once, regardless of the grade earned. Eligible students may enrol provided there is space and only after other degree students have had an opportunity to enrol.

For Program admission, UTMM will consider the highest grade earned for repeated courses. In other words, if a student received a 60% in their first attempt and 65% in your second attempt, UTMM will consider the highest grade (i.e. 65%) in the students weighted average. The highest grade will be considered regardless of whether the students as been approved for SAC.

If a student fails a prerequisite course, we will still consider the highest attempt. For example, if a student received a 46% in their first attempt and 65% in their second attempt, the highest grade (i.e. 65%) will be considered.

Students must still achieve a minimum of a 63% in MAT133Y5 or acceptable equivalent, MGM101H5, MGM102H5 or MGT120H5, and/or ECO100Y5 to be considered for admission to the Program.

Students may want to review Second Attempt for Credit, or SAC, options.

All students applying to the Management or Commerce Program should have an alternate (i.e. back-up) plan in the event that admission is not offered. Advisors at the Office of the Registrar are happy to help with this process. If students are not accepted, they can apply the following year or pursue another Program of Study.

Transfer credits

Please visit the Transfer Credit website here. You can also visit their FAQ site for additional information here.

Some courses can be used for program admission, please use the chart below as a guide. Note: this is reference only and is subject to change, students should visit the academic department for confirmation.

FAQ Chart

*Reference only, all students should check with the respective academic departments for updated information (reviewed Summer 2019). More information about internal transfer is available at here.

All students should ensure they meet the prerequisites and enrollment controls. ECO100Y5 is equivalent to ECO101H1 and ECO102H1 but all students must receive a minimum mark of 63% in each half year course for program admission. We will not take the average of these courses (for example, if you received 60% in ECO101 and 70% in ECO102, The Department of Management will not use a 65% average for program admission)

Students with transfer credit(s) for MAT133Y5 or acceptable equivalent, MGM101H5, MGM102, MGT120H5, and/or ECO100Y5 who wish to apply to the Commerce or Management Program will be assigned a 63% for the transfer credit.

This grade (in addition to other transfer credits for prerequisite courses and the Management/Commerce prerequisite courses) will be used to determine the students weighted average.

Students can opt to repeat the course at UofT and the UofT grade will be considered in the weighted average, instead of the transfer credit. If a student opts to complete the UofT course, the student has forfeited the opportunity to use their transfer credit for their weighted average for program admission to Management/Commerce .

All transfer students or those granted advanced standing should be aware of degree requirements and restrictions, particularly no more than 6.0 credits may be at the 100 level. This limit includes all transfer courses. Any 100-level course(s) taken above the 6.0 credit limit will be deemed as “EXT” and will not count towards degree completion. If students are transferring or entering UTM with more than 2.0 100 level credits, it is recommended students enrol in second year electives. Please visit an Academic Advisor for details!

Please ensure transfer credits are updated on ACORN before you visit. The Transfer Credit Office must confirm assessment decisions, equivalencies cannot be determined by the Department of Management.

Study abroad 

Please visit the Academic Advisor for specific details, but study abroad courses do not typically count towards program completion unless there is an unspecified second year MGT requirement (for example 0.5 credit required at the MGT 200 level).

Non-Management and Commerce students

You must be accepted into the Management or Commerce program before you are able to register in upper year MGM/MGT courses.

For students applying to Round 2, you won't be able to register in MGT/MGM courses until you are accepted in early September. 

Experiential opportunities

UTMM has two exciting opportunities available for eligible students:  

MGT480H5 Internship provides students the opportunity to engage in learning outside of the classroom. In a practical setting, students apply the management experience they have gained through previous course work. Students usually take this course in their final year of study and should register through ACORN (including students enrolled in the Human Resources Specialist).

Information will be sent directly to students but there will be a mandatory orientation session offered in September, along with an application and interview process by UTMM and potential employers during the Fall term. Students can expect finalized results by late November to early December but all students are strongly encouraged to register for another course in the event that an internship is not secured.  

The Certificate in Effective Business Practices & Leadership Skills launched in Fall 2020. Participants will be eligible to participate in a 4-month (non-credit) paid work placement while completing certificate requirements and their program of study.

This program will available to students enrolled in any Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) stream, including specialists and majors. Students interested in this opportunity must meet certain criteria (i.e. CGPA, PSDP points, mandatory courses etc.) to apply. Only successful students will be admitted to the program and spaces are limited.

ROP allows degree students to work on an innovative research project with a highly qualified Professor. Students work one-on-one with a Professor on campus while earning course credit towards their degree and possibly, Program requirements.

Explore the ROP websiteLinks to an external site. to gain a better understanding of what the Program has to offer. The application and approval process is entirely online. Users log into the ROPAPPLinks to an external site. using their UTORID to view projects and submit application(s).

*This information is subject to change. More information about the Commerce and Management programs are available here.