Management: Upper Year Admission

Application Dates and Procedures

For UTM students only

Students interested in applying to Management should do so in the Subject Post Request Period, including those who plan to take summer courses to fulfill admission requirements.

  • Students who meet all entry requirements by May will be accepted to their Subject Post around the end of May. 
  • Students who are completing courses in Summer will be considered in September.  These students will be refused the first round but should request a Subject Post again during the Second Subject Post period June 8 - August 28.
  • Late applications will not be considered.  Applications are submitted through ACORN.  The Subject Post Request Period is:

March 10 - April 30

Students should apply for only ONE of the following Subject Posts. 

During the above dates, go into ACORN and log on to the SWS.

Select ‘Subject POSts’ from the main menu.

Select ‘add a Subject POSt’, and enter ONE of the following program codes:

ERSPE1882 – Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations [BBA]                       
ERSPE2431 - Management Specialist [BBA]

ERMAJ2431 - Management Major [HBA/HBSc] (must be combined with another Major)

If you request more than one Management Post you will be removed from all except one.

[The admission requirements are the same for all programs, including the Major]

Starting in late May, students who meet the academic requirements will be invited to enrol in the Subject POSt (program).  To accept an offer of admission click on ‘Accept’.  Your status will change to ‘ACT’ (active).  To decline an offer, click on ‘Delete’.   

Note:  Students taking  F, S, and/or Y summer courses to meet entry requirements should request their Post again during the Second round June 11 - August 24.  Results will be available at the beginning of September.

Admission Requirements:

  1. Complete MGM101H, MGM102H and ECO100Y each with a mark of at least 63%
  2. Complete MAT133Y5 or equivalent with a mark of at least 63% 
  3. Complete a minimum of 4.0 credits. *Refer to FAQ for 2020 admission change due to COVID-19.
  4. Meet a minimum CGPA requirement; set annually based on competition.

NOTE: Admission into the program cannot be offered if there is a pending academic offense in any course or a standing deferred notation (SDF). Departmental CGPA calculation may differ from CGPA as it appears on ACORN (particularly if CR/NCR is used for any prerequisite courses.)

If you have transfer credits from another Faculty or Institution, you must also meet the following requirements:

1) Your CGPA must meet the cut off in a minimum of 4 credits taken at UofT.
2) The combined CGPA of all courses taken at another Institution  plus UTM courses must meet the minimum cut off for the year in which you are applying.
3) Transfer credits must be available on your Univerity of Toronto account by mid-August to be considered for program admission.