Management (Major)

Major (HBA or HBSc) Program in Management (ERMAJ2431)

The Management Major is a 4-year major program which combines the study of organizations and their management with a second major discipline of your choice. It is offered exclusively at U of T Mississauga. 

When you approach graduation and look for a job, your potential employers will want to know about your academic competence. But they will also want you to become an effective member of their organization. The Management Major Program is designed to prepare you for this challenge. It allows you to combine a major program in the sciences, humanities or social sciences with the study of organizations and their management. 

You can combine almost any other major program with Management. Examples of possible combinations include:

  • Chemistry and Management
  • Environmental Science and Management
  • Political Science and Management
  • English and Management
  • Psychology and Management
  • Computer Science and Management
  • CCIT and Management

Entry to the Management Major takes place at the end of your first year at U of T Mississauga, whatever stream or combination of courses you have been following. You need to successfully complete first year prerequisite courses in Management and Economics and have a satisfactory Cumulative Grade Point Average. 

Prospective students should note that if you apply to the Management Stream in the admissions process and are admitted to U of T Mississauga, you receive priority in registration for prerequisite courses in the Management Major Program. 

Commerce and Management: If you wish to combine Management with Economics - perhaps to pursue a career in professional accountancy - you will enrol in the Commerce Program, not the Management Major. Commerce is a specialized management and economics program with a strong analytical emphasis. 


For program details, including course requirements, please refer to the U of T Mississauga Calendar