Specialist (BCom) Program in Accounting (ERSPE1704)

Students who wish to pursue an accounting qualification can register for the Accounting Specialist program within the Commerce program. It covers the prerequisites for professional qualifications including the construction and uses of financial and related information in organizations and society. Designing systems to monitor and control organizations, deciding what information to disclose, tax planning and conducting audits are some of the applications of this rich and varied discipline.

The program will produce graduates who have the personal and professional attributes required of professional accountants - graduates who demonstrate initiative and leadership, apply strategic thinking, develop innovative ideas, adapt to change and are strong communicators.

Who should enroll in this Program?
Students who are considering obtaining a professional accounting designation after graduation from U of T Mississauga should enrol in this Program. Becoming a professional accountant entails three distinct phases:

  1. University education - Accounting Specialist Program
  2. Articling period with designated firm/employer
  3. Professional examinations - provincial and national

In this Program, students will learn the body of knowledge and skills required to become a professional accountant. They will be taught how to think like a professional. This will help prepare students to become Chartered Professional Accountants after graduation. Professional accounting education and training is the foundation for a successful career in senior management.

Program design The Program starts with foundation courses in Accounting, Assurance, Economics and Finance, then offers a range of more advanced electives which cover topics and competencies in the professional curricula. The design of the program incorporates an integrated curriculum and critical thinking and ethical decision making.

Teaching team The Program is taught by a team of academics and professional accountants, with leading edge expertise and strong connections to the accounting profession.

External recognition Credits earned in the Program are recognized for the CPA qualifications.

Suggested Course Sequence for Students Wishing to Fulfill CPA Requirements

For program details, including course requirements, please refer to the U of T Mississauga Calendar