IBA Candidate Statements

IBA Student Elections are under way. Check out each candidate's statement below.

Patrick Berumen - VP Finance Candidate

"When I took my first steps at the University of Toronto I could not envision my destination after graduation. However, I was able to quickly find my desired path with the guidance of the benevolent students and organizations here at UTM. The student I am today is due to their unwavering support. I want to express my gratitude to my upperclassmen by carrying on the legacy of representing the best UTM has to offer. By becoming Vice President of Finance, I will strive to improve IMI Business Association (IBA) by collaborating with both internal and external students in the attempt to perfect the organization. I will follow in the footsteps of past leaders while simultaneously building off their successes. With the assistance of my future team, I know that the IBA can reach even greater heights."

Muhammad Talha Faisal - VP External Relations Candidate

"My name is Muhammad Talha Faisal, but I go by Talha. I am applying for the position of VP External Relations. I enjoy working with others and sharing our ideas to solve complex issues. I want to challenge myself in this position despite having little experience. In exchange for a position as VP External Relations, I will give my utmost commitment to the IBA team to ensure productivity, and performance. In my efforts as part of the External team we will try and provide sponsors that can truly enrich IBA events I will give my input to the team and try to create and establish bonds between the industry and IBA. Thank you for your time and I hope you can consider me as VP External Relations."

Niveditha Kani -  Running for President

"You deserve the full value of your degree. In the role of President, my goal is to ensure that IBA can supplement your education with plenty of opportunities that interest you! Additionally, I will be a responsible liaison between the Department and IBA. I have experience from the current IBA team as a Communications associate. Next year I will be a third-year Management/Computer Science student. You may have seen me around campus helping out at the FLC, in tutorials as a TA, or on residence as a PAL. There are several new ideas I’m proposing in order to run events more smoothly next year. You can count on me to ensure that IBA maintains its founding values of honour, dignity, and excellence." 

Pooja Sachdev - VP Professional Development Candidate

"I’m Pooja and I am running for the VP of Professional Development for IBA for the academic year 2020-21. If elected, it will be my second year on IBA. During the previous academic year, I served as an associate in the PD department. I had the opportunity to learn and work with so many talented student leaders. I believe those experiences will make me a great candidate for this position. I want to be part of IBA again as I want to enhance my experiences and give back to the student body by continuing to host many amazing events. IBA was an amazing experience and learning opportunity for me last year and I hope to continue that next year as well!"