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What is PSDP?

The Department of Management believes strongly in providing opportunities and experiences to complement and enhance the material learned through coursework. 

The Professional Skills Development Program (PSDP) was created exclusively for Commerce and BBA/Management students as a way to encourage skill development beginning in 2nd year (the first year of their program) through to final year. A limited number of offerings are also available to 1st year students who'd like an early start on their skill development.

Why should students participate? 

The information and skills gained through participation in this program will help students:

  • Strengthen technical and soft skills necessary for workplace success  
  • Increase awareness of marketability on the job market and confidence in abilities 
  • Effectively make the transition from school to the workplace  
  • Manage their career by navigating through the working world more effectively  

By participating in PSDP, students may be officially recognized and rewarded for their co-­‐curricular activities through a transcript notation.

PSDP is broken down into six categories:

  1. KNOW YOURSELF (4 pts. from this category)
  2. INDUSTRY (6 pts. from this category)
  3. ACADEMIC DEVELOPMENT (10 pts. from this category
  4. DEVELOP SKILLS (15 pts. from this category)
  5. BUILD RELATIONSHIPS (5 pts. from this category)
  6. JOB SEARCH (6 pts. from this category)

How does the program work? 

Students who consistently take part in PSDP activities throughout their years in the Commerce or BBA/Management  programs will be eligible to receive a notation on their official University of Toronto transcript that reads “Completion of the Professional Skills Development Program in Management”. PSDP is built upon six categories: Know Yourself, Industry Research, Academic Development, Develop Skills, Build Relationships, Job Search.  A description and the minimum number of skill points required for each category is outlined below, but in order to receive a transcript notation, students must earn a total of at least forty­‐six (46) PSDP skill points over three to four years in their academic program.  Points are based on the number of hours spent on each activity, with the exception that for all-­‐day events a maximum number of 5 points are allocated. How quickly one completes the transcript notation requirements will depend partly on the program offerings in a given year, as well as the level of commitment of the individual student.

PSDP Master list of events. Please advise that this list of approved PSDP activities is a cumulative list and not all events will be held each year. 

To simplify the Transcript Notation application, please refer to annual event lists below: 
PSDP list of Events 2012-2013
PSDP list of Events 2013-2014
PSDP list of Events 2014-2015

Please note that the current academic year’s offering will updated periodically throughout the year. 

Request PSDP Points. 

If you have attended an event that you feel is aligned with the Professional Skills Development Program, please log on to the IMI Undergraduate Commerce & Management group under My Organizations Plus in Blackboard to complete the application.