Petition for Academic Accommodation Request


Procedures and Rules

Missed Coursework:
The following steps must be completed in order to be considered for academic accommodation for any coursework, such as missed tests or late assignments:

  1. You must inform your professor in writing (e-mail is acceptable) within 24 hours of a test date/assignment due date of any circumstances that prevent you from writing a test or submitting an assignment on time.
  2. You must submit within 24 hours an online Petition for Academic Accommodation
  3. Original supporting documentation (e.g. medical certificates, accident reports etc.) must be submitted within seven (7) days from the date of the missed test or assignment date. Failure to submit appropriate documentation by the deadline will result in a grade of zero on the test or assignment in question. False statements and/or documentation will be treated as academic offences and handled accordingly.

In the case of illness, the required documentation is:

An original UTM Medical Certificate MUST include the following statement: "This student was unable to write the test [or complete the assignment] on [date(s)] for medical reasons." Documentation must show that the physician was consulted within one (1) day of the test or assignment due date. A statement merely confirming a report of illness made by the student is not acceptable (e.g. "This patient tells me that he was feeling ill on that day"). Failure to comply with this policy will result in a grade of zero for the test or assignment in question.

Please Note: If you missed your test/assignment deadline for a reason connected to your registered disability, please be advised that the department will accept documentation supplied by the UTM AccessAbility Resource Centre.

In cases of severe domestic affliction or other causes not related to the student's health, the required documentation is:

Additional Documentation that provides evidence of the nature of the affliction. Note that holidays and pre-purchased plane tickets, family plans (unless critical, such as death of an immediate family member), your friend's wedding, lack of preparation, or too many other tests are not acceptable excuses for missing a quiz, a test, or an item of course work.

If your medical note is completed by Appletree Medical Clinic in the form of a pre-populated PDF, please make sure that you include a HANDWRITTEN SIGNATURE, DATE, AND ORIGINAL STAMP (not a photocopied stamp). 

Supporting documentation must be dropped off into the Department of Management’s drop box, located across KN205 in DROP BOX #9.

The Committee will contact you after the submission of your petition to obtain any additional documentation that may be required to assess your case fully.

Please note that the written explanation and documentation that you submit represent an appeal from you, requesting the opportunity to account for that portion of your grade in an alternate manner than the normal one that is described in this course outline. If an appeal is not received by the deadline specified above, or if the appeal is deemed unacceptable, you will receive a grade of zero for the item you missed.

Once all documentation has been received, the Petition for Academic Accommodation will be reviewed by the Departmental Petition Review Committee. Students will be informed of the Committee's decision via email within two (2) weeks. Please note that students are required to submit their assignments as soon as they are able and they should NOT wait for the decision of the Committee.

If the appeal is granted -- that is, your reason for missing the item is considered acceptable by the Departmental Petition Review Committee -- then, provided you have followed the alternate procedure described below, this work will receive a grade. Questions regarding petition outcomes can be directed to

For more information please refer to your course outline.