Ramya Uthayakumar

Ramya Uthayakumar

Professional Development & Career Strategist Management
Office Location:
KN 2202
Innovation Complex, 3359 Mississauga Rd, Suite KN 215
Mississauga , ON
L5L 1C6

Ramya Uthayakumar is a student-centred, solution-focused, and evidence-based Career Educator with seven+ years of progressive professional experience in advising, programming, administrative, and research roles in the Canadian Higher Education sector, particularly in Student Affairs and Services.

As a proud University of Toronto alumna, she holds a professional Master's degree in Developmental Psychology and Education and embraces a developmental model to supporting students from diverse backgrounds in all aspects of their professional pursuits.  Her undergraduate thesis on career and subjective well-being has been published in the Journal of Vocational Behavior.  She grounds her work in theory and data-driven best practices.

With a strong commitment to promoting holistic development, equity, diversity, and inclusion, she works under an anti-oppression framework.  As an Executive for Connections & Conversations, Ramya collaboratively builds community and is particularly passionate about initiatives supporting the career and professional development of racialized staff on campus.

Ramya’s experience living across three continents makes her tri-lingual (Tamil, German, English) and brings cross-cultural awareness to her practice. She is also an avid connector of people, a career nerd, National Geographic fan, and a fusion foodie!