Hugh Gunz

Hugh Gunz

Professor Emeritus (Organizational Behaviour & HR Management)


Worked for the petrochemicals industry before returning to school to study business. Joined the University of Toronto in 1989 serving in a variety of administrative positions including as an Associate Dean of the Rotman School of Management. Former General Secretary and Coordinating Committee member of the European Group for Organizational Studies. Served as Program Chair and Division Chair of the Careers Division of the Academy of Management.


Currently exploring the role of developmental relationships in the acculturation and career success of immigrant workers and the ethical dilemmas faced by professionals in organizational and commercial contexts. Lead editor of The Handbook of Career Studies. Author of Careers and Corporate Cultures. Co-Editor Managing Complexity in Organizations. Serves on the Editorial Boards of Journal of Managerial Psychology and Emergence. Has published articles on managers careers, the professions, and management education in many scholarly and practitioner journals.

Ph.D., University of Manchester
Dp.B.A., University of Manchester
D.Phil, University of Sussex
B.Sc., University of Canterbury



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Organizational Behaviour, Human Resource Management