PDLC hosts accounting conference

EAPC 2016
Friday, September 9, 2016 - 11:23am
Sarah Jane Silva

Accounting students at the University of Toronto had a chance to interact with prospective employers during the Emerging Accounting Professionals Conference (EAPC) held September 2nd at the Innovation complex on the Mississauga campus.

More than a dozen firms and organizations participated in the event with approximately 120 accounting students and alumni in attendance.

The event was co-hosted by the Professional Development & Learning Centre (PDLC) at the Department of Management and Career Centre at UTM.

Students took advantage of the opportunities that were being offered at the event and had some interesting questions for the alumni panel.

“It’s great that you all are here right now and putting up your best effort,” said Vishal Tekkumpurath, a staff accountant at Collins Barrow and proud UTM alumnus.

At the recruiters’ session most of the panelists stressed the importance of developing one’s soft skills.

Sonia Kallion, regional human resources manager for MNP LLP in Mississauga added: “Your G.P.A. is important but it is just one component out of many things we look at. What we really want to see is that you are well-rounded and what your communication skills are like.”

During her keynote address, Sharon Barnes-Simmonds, director of accounting with The International Film Festival, pointed out that a common trap she sees young professionals falling into is the lack of recognition that their image is their brand and that it needs to be carefully managed.

“With the huge proliferation of social media tools that are out there in recent times, it is increasingly important that professionals decide what groups or types of images they will support or associate with their brand.”

Barnes-Simmonds advised students to carefully manage who they chose to follow.

“If your page is filled with lewd or inappropriate activities, then it could have an impact on whether or not you are hired.”

“Students came prepared, professional, confident, and demonstrated a lot of potential for future employment,” said Natasha Walli, in-house Careers Officer at the PDLC and the Department of Management.

“It is so great for students to be able to talk with different companies and firms and to get tips on how to find success in their careers, not only now but in the years to come as they graduate.”