Economics + Management Lab Participant Pool

Get paid to learn and participate

Join the participant pool for the Economics + Management laboratory (ALL undergrad students welcome!)

  • When: throughout the Winter term
  • Where: Economics + Management lab, Innovation Complex
  • Signup:
    • Click on “REQUEST ACCOUNT” (if you don’t already have one)
    • Once registered/logged in, sign up for the PaidPool course
  • How does it work?
    • Once you join, you’ll be invited via e-mail to participate in laboratory experiment sessions
    • Choose the experiment(s) you wish to participate in
    • Sample experiments include: computer-based economic games or simulated market settings
    • There is no mandatory number of experiments to participate in
    • New experiments will be scheduled regularly
  • Payment:
    • Typically includes a show-up fee and an additional amount that depends on your and other participants’ responses during the experiment
  • Why?
    • Undergraduate students from ALL academic backgrounds are encouraged to participate because not only will they be paid, but they will also have an interesting learning experience
    • Contribute to important UTM faculty research