Curriculum Update 2020/2021

For a complete review of curriculum changes effective for the 2020/2021 academic year please review the following page.
This page highlights curriculum changes for: 

In-Program Students (students admitted to the program before Fall 2020)

There have been a few curriculum changes that will impact students currently completing their respective Commerce and Management programs (i.e. admitted to the program before Fall 2020). For a summary of the curriculum changes, please see BCom & BBA Curriculum Changes.
Notable changes include: 
MGT338H5 Business Finance I and MGT339H5 have been recoded to MGT231H5 Business Finance I and MGT232H5 Business Finance II. MGM301H5 has now been recoded to MGT270H5.
► For students currently registered in the BBA program, MGM230H5 Finance has now been replaced with MGT231H5 (previously MGT338H5) and MGM332H5 has been replaced with MGT232H5 (previously MGT339H5). Students who require MGM230H5 and MGM332H5 are now required to enrol in MGT231H5 (previously MGT338H5) and MGT232H5 (previously MGT339H5)
*Please note: changes to curriculum will have no impact on your graduation date or program outcomes.

Newly Admitted Students (students admitted to SubjectPOSt in Fall 2020)

UTMM has been busy adjusting the program for students admitted to the Commerce and Management programs in 2020-2021. This means your program might look a little different than your friends who are already in the program. After in-depth consultations with various stakeholders including Faculty, Students and Alumni and by analyzing current industry trends and changes to Professional Bodies, the changes to the curriculum reflect the most relevant and meaningful skills needed for graduates. 
For a summary of the curriculum changes for the 2020-2021 academic year (for students accepted to the program for Fall 2020), please see the Bachelor of Business Administration Curriculum Changes or Bachelor of Commerce Curriculum Changes.

Students Interested in Applying to Commerce/ Management Program (for Fall 2021 start)

The Commerce & Management admission process will be changing in 2021. UTMM will be moving to adopt a weighted average model. In Please review the Admission Changes - Bachelor of Commerce and Management Curriculum Changes.
IMPORTANT: Admission requirements are changing for the Commerce and Management programs during the 2021 SubjectPOSt application period and onward. Admission to these programs are now based on the following criteria: 
► Completion of at least 4.0 credits; 
► A final mark of at least 63% in the following courses: ECO100Y5, MGM101H5, MGT120H5 or MGM102H5, and (MAT133Y5 or MAT135Y5 or both MAT135H5 and MAT136H5);
► NEW* A weighted average of the grades earned in ECO100Y5, MGM101H5, MGT120H5 or MGM102H5, (MAT133Y5 or MAT135Y5 or both MAT135H5 and MAT136H5) that meets the program’s annual admission cutoff, which is determined annually by the Department of Management. This will vary from year to year and is based on capacity and the applicant pool. 
The Department of Management will no longer consider CGPA for program admission. Only grades earned for the prerequisite courses will be considered. This is applicable for all students interested in applying to the Commerce or Management SubjectPost (Fall 2021 and onward) regardless of the year they were admitted to UTM. 

Transfer Credits

Transfer credits will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. It is important to note that students with transfer credit(s) for MAT133Y5 or acceptable equivalent, MGM101H5, MGM102H5, MGT120H5, and/or ECO100Y5 who wish to apply to the Commerce or Management program will be assigned a 63% for the transfer credit. This grade (in addition to other transfer credits for prerequisite courses and the Commerce or Management prerequisite courses) will be used to determine the students weighted average.

Students can opt to repeat the course at UTM and the UTM grade will be considered in the weighted average, instead of the transfer credit. If a student opts to complete the UTM course, the student has forfeited the opportunity to use their transfer credit for their weighted average for program admission to Management or Commerce.

Please consult the Registrar’s Office for information on whether you can forfeit your transfer credit and if this is the best option for you based upon your anticipated program path. Please note, there are strict deadlines that must be adhered to and this information is available on your transfer credit letter. Forfeiting a transfer credit may also impact other programs you might be interested in applying to.

Repeating a Course

UTMM will consider the highest grade earned for repeated courses. In other words, if you received a 60% in your first attempt and 65% in your second attempt, UTMM will consider the highest grade (i.e. 65%) in your weighted average. The highest grade will be considered regardless of whether the students as been approved for SAC. If a student fails a prerequisite course, we will still consider the highest attempt. For example, if you received a 46% in your first attempt and 65% in your second attempt, the highest grade (i.e. 65%) will be considered.

Please note: students must still achieve a minimum of a 63% in MAT133Y5 or acceptable equivalent, MGM101H5, MGM102H5, MGT120H5, and/or ECO100Y5 to be considered for admission to the program.