Competition/Conference Funding

As part of our committment to student development and skill enhancement, the Department of Management offers competition and conference funding to our students. This allows students the opportunity to actively engage in opportunities outside of the classroom without the financial constraints inherent in the typical student budget.

Our students have participated or competed in events such as:

  • Brock University Accounting Competition
  • National Investment Banking Competition
  • Nspire
  • Fast Pace to the Case
  • DECA

Student feedback is overwhelmingly positive from these experiences. One student had this to say upon returning to campus from a business and technology focussed conference.

"The workshops helped me see some of the challenges business owners face every day, as well as key strategies in gaining a lead on the competition. I managed to meet with students from across Canada with similar interests. I also saw how important it is to network, since events like these are one of the best ways to showcase your talent, ask the right questions and be heard!"

For current students wishing to apply for funding, please visit the "IMI Undergrad Commerce & Management" organization on Blackboard, and search under the "Conference Funding tab" for the appropriate form and documents.

If you are interested in attending a conference or competition related to your area of study and would like to apply for funding to partially cover (up to 50%), of the registration cost, please complete the following steps.

Before the event:

  • Complete the attached request forms and submit to the Dept. of Management at least 2-weeks BEFORE attending the event
  • Please refer to the How-To Complete an Expense Reimbursement Form for tips on how to complete the form accurately

After the event (within 2-weeks):

  • Please feel free to use the "Conference Funding Summary" document. 
  • If you are approved for funding you will need to provide a receipt for your registration
  • And a 2-3 page summary of your experience at the event detailing the following information:
    • Detailed breakdown of the event including any workshops, presentations, networking time, etc.
    • Describe any case problems, simulations or other tasks that were completed and what course content was the most relevant (ex course codes, specific principles, or models).
    • The judging panel, including number of judges and who the panel consisted of (ie student leaders, alumni, faculty members, industry representatives – be as specific as possible).
    • Overview of teams in attendance and who was the winning team. Please include your thoughts as to why the winning team(s) placed relative to other groups.
    • Top 3 recommendations on how to improve if you were to do this competition again.
    • Please summarize your experience at the competition and what you learned

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