The Student's Journey

Get Paid Work Experience

Expand your professional network with the Certificate in Effective Business Practices & Leadership Skills. Participate in a 4-month (non-credit) paid work placement, while completing your degree and certificate requirements. 



Step outside of the classroom and into the boardroom. Build a robust professional network. Connect with industry professionals while completing your education.


Connect theory and work. Participate in reflective exercises through online modules. Create a cumulative report and deliver a poster presentation to stakeholders.


Receive specialized career coaching and support. Easily access career planning and job search tools you need to successfully transition from your program to career.


Complete this program concurrently with your degree and gain a competitive advantage. No additional year of study required. You will graduate with your friends.

Program-level outcomes

By the end of this program, you will have demonstrated the ability to:

  • apply quantitative and qualitative methodologies learnt in the classroom to solve real-world business problems and make evidence-based decisions;

  • produce effective business communications and reports, in both oral and written form, for an audience of business professionals;

  • demonstrate effective problem-solving, decision making and leadership skills;

  • demonstrate professional responsibility, including self-awareness in individual and group settings.

How it works

student journey

Your 3rd-year paid work placement starts in 2nd year: In 2nd year, take MGT231H5 and MGT262H5. Attend PSDP events worth up to 15 points. Submit your application. Interview with UTMM.

In 3rd year: take MGT300H5 (previously MGT200H5). Participate in mock interviews. Interview with your prospective employer. Do a workplace prep workshop. In the summer after 3rd year, take the MGT010H5 Capstone course, work through your internship, and do the online reflections.

The journey affects your 4th year and life after: Select and take a prescribed 400-level course. Complete your report and give your poster presentation. Graduate with professional work experience!

What you need to do to get into the program

1. Concurrent enrolment in one of the following programs:

Human Resource Management, Specialist (BBA);
Management, Specialist (BBA);
Management, Major (HBA or HBSc);
Commerce, Specialist (BCom);
Commerce: Accounting, Specialist (BCom);
Commerce: Finance, Specialist (BCom);
Commerce: Marketing, Specialist (BCom); or
Commerce, Major (HBA)

2. Meet the CGPA cutoff and have a minimum of 7.0 credits. Students must have a minimum CGPA of 2.5 but the CGPA varies from year to year based on the applicant pool.

3. Complete the following courses:

a. MGT231H5 – Business Finance I (previously MGT338H5); and
b. MGT262H5 – Psychology at Work

4. Complete at least 15 points prior to the admission deadline in the Professional Skills Development Program with mandatory attendance at all of the following sessions:

a. Career Investment Planning;
b. Excel Workshop;
c. Resume Critique; and
d. Mock/ Practice Interview

5. Submit an application to the Department of Management.

6. Participate in an enrolment interview.

*Limited spots are available.

*Although every effort is made to support students in securing a paid work placement, students must receive an offer of employment to complete the certificate. The Department of Management cannot guarantee that students will secure a paid work placement.​

Certificate Program Requirements

Successfully complete: 

Second Year: MGT231H5, MGT262H5; 15 Professional Skills Development Program
points (must include Career Investment Planning Session, Momentum: Excel Workshop,
Resume Critique, and Mock Interview)

Third Year: MGT300H5 (previously MGT200H5); Workplace Preparation Workshop; Work-Integrated Learning
Experience (4-month placement in Summer term); online workplace modules;
MGT010H5 (NOTE: This is a zero-credit course); report and poster presentation

Fourth Year: 0.5 credit from 400-level course list: MGM464H5; MGT430H5, MGT433H5, MGT434H5,
MGT437H5, MGT455H5, MGT463H5, MGT491H5, MGT493H5, MGT494H5

This certificate must be completed concurrently with any Department of Management program and takes about 3 years to complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I apply for the program?

Apply for the Business Certificate at the end of your second year (i.e. at the end of your first year officially in Commerce or Management program.**)

**Apply during Round 1 of the Subject POSt (aka program of study) request period. The Round 1 deadline varies per year, but the information will be here. The application due date will be roughly the same time, but will be released next academic year.

2. How many credits do I need to apply to the program?

You will need 7.0 credits to apply to the program. Typically, students earn about 4.0-5.0 credits in their first year and another 4.0-5.0 credits in their second year. Keep in mind, by the time you submit your application and apply via ACORN you will not have completed your Winter (S) or Yearlong (Y) credits. As such, we will need to wait until all S/Y grades have been submitted to review applications. In other words, we will count your 2nd year credits as part of the mandatory 7.0 credits. 

3. What is the required CGPA to get into the program?

The CGPA cut-off is determined annually and is based on the applicant pool each year. So, we won’t know the cut-off until all applicant information has been reviewed. Nonetheless, you must have a minimum CGPA of 2.5.

4. I need to submit an application to be considered for the program. What information are you looking for here?

There are pre-set questions, and your answers should stand out from the other candidates. Include information related to your academics, plus your extra-curriculars. Describe any volunteering you’ve done  and are currently doing or maybe even your part-time job. You can also describe different ways that you’ve been engaged on campus (i.e. student clubs, attending available PSDP events etc.) This strengthen your application.

5. What is the Capstone course?

The MGT010H5 – Certificate in Effective Business Practices & Leadership Skills Capstone is a zero-credit course taken in your 3rd year. Although this course will appear on your timetable, there is no designated class time for this course each week. 

There will be time and effort you need to invest to complete this Certificate once you return from placement. In your 4th year, there is a mandatory report and poster presentation and there may be additional meetings scheduled with the Professor and/or the UTMM team. 

6. How many students are accepted to the program?

10 - 15 students will be accepted to the program. This first round will be accepted in Fall 2021. We hope to increase the number of accepted students in subsequent years.

7. When will I be expected to go out on placement?

Usually during the summer of your 3rd year of the Certificate program. However, it would be the 2nd if you were admitted to the Commerce or Management program earlier, after your second year.

8. Will I have to find my own placement?

The UTMM team works diligently to help you secure a 4-month paid work placement over the Summer term.  You can apply for jobs secured by the UTMM team through IMI Connect. Our in-house experts will help you get prepared with resume critiques and mock interviews.  

Regardless, you must receive a job offer from an employer to successfully complete the Certificate program. You can opt to find your own placement but it must be vetted by the Experiential Learning Officer (ELO). The placement must meet specific criteria outlined by UTMM. This ensures that you will have a quality placement experience. Please connect with the ELO to discuss further.

9. Are international students eligible?

Provided the student has a Canadian social insurance number, we encourage everyone to apply. International students who maintain full-time status during the F/W session may be eligible to work full time during the summer break (May to August) using your study permit.
Direct any questions about your permit to the International Education Centre (IEC). 

10. Is the program open to Digital Enterprise Management (DEM) students?

Unfortunately not, but consider connecting with the Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology (ICCIT) to learn about their experiential opportunities. The Certificate program is available to students enrolled in

Human Resource Management, Specialist (BBA);

Management, Specialist (BBA);

Management, Major (HBA or HBSc);

Commerce, Specialist (BCom);

Commerce: Accounting, Specialist (BCom);

Commerce: Finance, Specialist (BCom);

Commerce: Marketing, Specialist (BCom); or

Commerce, Major (HBA)



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