The future of meat is shifting to plant-based products: UTM expert

17 Jun 2019 - 3:53pm

With summer just around the corner, it’s not just the weather heating up in Canada. The plant-based foods sector is also starting to sizzle.

From AI to immigrant integration: 56 U of T researchers supported by Canada Research Chairs Program

17 Jun 2019 - 9:15am
Vincent Kuuire

UTM assistant professor Vincent Kuuire is one of 56 U of T faculty members awarded new Canada Research Chairs, or whose chairs were renewed, as part of a double, fall-spring cohort announced Friday by the federal government. Established in 2000, the federal program invests about $295 million annually to recruit and retain top minds in Canada.

The 'digital city'

11 Jun 2019 - 9:19am
overhead shot of people at conference

Innovation, synergies and leveraging the opportunities of the “digital city” were on the agenda at the Urban Leadership eXchange, a new certificate of completion course offered at the University of Toronto Mississauga on June 10 and 11, 2019. Hosted by the Institute for Management & Innovation (IMI), the two-day training and networking event drew executive leaders from across the province to learn how urban innovation can be leveraged for economic development.

New study examines role of biomarkers in sexual orientation

10 Jun 2019 - 4:52pm
Doug VanderLaan

A new study from Professor Doug VanderLaan’s lab in UTM’s Department of Psychology examines the biological mechanisms that are often thought to influence male sexual orientation. The study was published in the latest edition of PNAS.

Storms play key role in Antarctic sea ice holes; study

10 Jun 2019 - 11:48am
elephant seal with a sensor on it's head

A new study of mysterious holes in the winter Antarctic sea ice known as polynyas, which are as large as Lake Superior or the state of Maine, has found that atmospheric storms pay a critical role in these icy enigmas. The study used data from the Argo ocean observing program, weather stations, decades of satellite images--and even sensors on elephant seals that beam data back to shore.