'Batman' returns to U of T Mississauga

13 Feb 2014 - 2:50pm
John Ratcliffe in the field with echolocation equipment

Bats – winged creatures that hunt in the night. For some, it’s the stuff of nightmares.

But for new U of T Mississauga professor John Ratcliffe, bats are one of nature’s wonders.

Ratcliffe, a former PhD student at U of T Mississauga, has traveled the world to further the study of bats and echolocation. His research in the neuroethology and ecology of echolocating bats has led him to the tropics of Central and South America, parts of Africa and India, and islands in the south Pacific.

UTMental health campaign in provincial finals

12 Feb 2014 - 2:11pm
UTMental team representative Jena Fabroa

Students from the University of Toronto Mississauga have been named among the top ten finalists in the Council of Ontario Universities Mental Health 2.0 campaign.

The campaign uses social media to promote positive change in mental health and remove the stigma associated with mental illness.

University students across Ontario were invited to submit a project idea that used videos, websites and social media pages to raise the profile of mental health.

Death, grief, Facebook and the construction of memory

10 Feb 2014 - 2:00pm
Social media icons on screen of smartphone

When someone dies, do you learn about it from a phone call in the night, an obituary in a local paper - or from logging onto Twitter or Facebook? 

And just what happens when grief meets social media?

In “Virtual Mourning and Memory Construction on Facebook: Here Are the Terms of Use,” researchers at the University of Toronto explore the online information practices of people grieving, commemorating, and mourning a loved one.

'Steak-knife' teeth in oldest land predators

7 Feb 2014 - 9:31am
Kirstin Brink and Robert Reisz holding a fossil Dimetrodon skull

The first top predators to walk on land were not afraid to bite off more than they could chew, a University of Toronto Mississauga study has found.

Graduate student and lead author Kirstin Brink along with Professor Robert Reisz from U of T Mississauga’s Department of Biology suggest that Dimetrodon, a carnivore that walked on land between 298 million and 272 million years ago, was the first terrestrial vertebrate to develop serrated ziphodont teeth.

Debating club victorious at North American championships

30 Jan 2014 - 2:16pm
U of T students Kaya Ellis and Louis Tsilivis holding championship trophy

The University of Toronto has argued its way back into the top spot at the 2014 North American Debating Championships.

Kaya Ellis from U of T Mississauga and Louis Tsilivis from U of T’s St George campus pooled their powers of persuasion to finish in first place ahead other prominent universities from Canada and the United States.