U of T students who crushed it in 2018

Stephen Ayeni and Naafiu Mohammed
Wednesday, December 19, 2018 - 2:10pm
Geoffrey Vendeville

It would be difficult to overstate the hard work and achievement of University of Toronto students this year. They overcame difficulties to succeed in their studies, held events enriching life on campus and inspired others with their dedication to learning.

This was a big year for Stephen Ayeni and Naafiu Mohammed, U of T Mississauga students from Nigeria who met in math class in 2015. They missed the cuisine from home and figured that other African students did too. That was the impetus for their e-commerce site, Afrocart, which offers cereals, snacks, flour, spices and other items, including a batter dispenser to make Nigerian puff-puffs and rock buns.

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