Experiential Learning Opportunities in Linguistics

The Department of Language Studies is committed to providing valuable research and work experience for undergraduate students.

Research Opportunity Project (ROP) Courses

[LIN299Y5 or LIN399Y5]

Enrolment in ROPs are limited and require faculty/departmental approval.

For more information on available ROPs in Linguistics or other disciplines, please visit the Experiential Education Unit website.

Bursaries may be available for students enrolled in an ROP or Internship.

Past projects include:


  • Resultative secondary Predication in Medieval French / FRE399H5Y La prédicationsecondaire résultative en français médiéval (Supervisor: Prof. Michelle Troberg)

  • Trilingual language development and maintenance (Supervisor: Prof. Mihaela Pirvulescu)

  • Mississauga Englishes (Supervisor: Prof. Jessamyn Schertz)


Collaborative Projects

The following courses include collaborative projects:

  • LIN325 (Phonetics and Phonology of English)
  • LIN328 (Acoustic Phonetics)
  • LIN421 (Speaking and Hearing with an Accent)


Paid Opportunities

Work-Study positions can be found on the CLN website.

Students (undergraduate and graduate) also may be hired as research assistants (RAs) in various faculty projects. RAs may be involved in all areas of the research, including the opportunity to contribute to publications and conference presentations.

Past projects include:

  • “Language experience and linguistic skills among multilingual learners in higher education” (Supervisor: Prof. Jeffrey Steele)

  • “Multicultural Toronto English: Identity and Ideologies” (Supervisor: Prof. Derek Denis)

  • "Heritage Language Acquisition and Maintenance in a Trilingual Context” (Supervisor: Prof. Mihaela Pirvulescu)