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Maschere Duemondi

Theatrical activity has been a prominent feature of Italian-Canadian cultural life in Toronto for over 20 years. From 1986 to 1999, plays have been directed jointly by Professors Guido Pugliese and Salvatore Bancheri, and from 2000 onward by the two professors alternatively. Since 2010, Teresa Lobalsamo has directed the production together with Jeannine Debattista.

The award winning course, at first undertaken on an extracurricular basis, enjoyed great success from the start. Its popularity prompted the professors to consider the theatrical activity from a didactic perspective. They arrived to the conclusion that the combination of comedy-performance was an effective tool for teaching language, a dramatic text, or culture.

In 1992, those involved in the theatre group took on the name of Maschere Duemondi, that is Two-World Players, a name indicative of the dualities that were being joined: Canadian and Italian, University and community, entertainment and learning.

There are three dimensions to the theatre courses: literary, linguistic, and performative. As products of the imagination, the plays are analyzed as literary artifacts, operating according to the premise that a play is fully actualized only when performed. Since they communicate their message almost exclusively through dialogue, the plays are in turn used as vehicles for generating communication among the students in a like manner. Over twenty-four years, more than twenty-seven plays have been performed. The repertoire have included comedies that are set in Canada and deal with everyday issues facing immigrants – recent or settled – in their new home, as well as works from Goldoni, Scarpetta, Pirandello and both De Flilippo brothers.

Le vedove scaltre: Final Production 2022 

The Cast & Crew of Le vedove scaltre would like to thank all patrons and community partners for their patience and understanding! Those interested in the production can now click here to purchase access to the 2022 Maschere Duemondi video performance of Le vedove scaltre.

If you purchase access, you will receive 2 emails: 1. An automated email receipt; 2. A link to the video. Please allow a bit of time for the link to arrive in your inbox. We kindly ask that you do not share the link with others. Patrons are also encouraged to explore the Italian Play website to view the program and other information regarding the production. Le vedove scaltre would once again like to thank all of its patrons and community partners. We hope that you enjoy the show!

N.B. If you have already contributed to the Italian Play this year, please email us directly for access to the video performance.

Videos of Performances to Date by Maschere Duemondi

  • Le vedove scaltre (2022)
  • La Mandragola (2017) 
  • Matrimonio all'italiana (2015)
  • La Lena di Ludovico Ariosto (2013)
  • Io non mi marito per procura di L. Riccobene (2012)
  • La Calandria di B. D. Bibbiena (2011)
  • Non tutti i ladri vengono per nuocere di D. Fo (2010)
  • Il ventaglio di G. Goldoni (2009)
  • Infedele di L. Capuana (2008)
  • I Rusteghi di G. Goldoni (2007)
  • Ó tuono é marzo di V. Scarpetta (2006)
  • La casa nova di C. Goldoni (2005)
  • Ditegli sempre di sì di E. De Fillippo (2004)
  • Dalla maschera al personaggio di G. G. Colli (2003)
  • L’inventore del cavallo di A. Campanile (2002)
  • Il Rosario di F. De Roberto (2002)
  • Un marito per Maria di F. Schembri (2001)
  • Il medico dei pazzi di E. Scarpetta (2000)
  • La donna volubile di G. Goldoni (1999)
  • Uova sbattute...e mogli blave di G. Pugliese (1998)  
  • I nipoti del sindaco di E. Scarpetta (1997)
  • Io non marito per procura di L. Riccobene (1996)
  • La locandiera di G. Goldoni (1995)
  • Un marito di scorta di G. Pugliese (1994)
  • Il ventaglio di G. Goldoni (1993)
  • Ó tuono é marzo di V. Scarpetta (1992)
  • I Rusteghi di G. Goldoni (1991)
  • Liolà di L. Pirandello (1990)
  • Non è ci credo di P. De Fillippo (1989)
  • Il Rosario di F. De Roberto (1989)
  • Visita di condoglianze di A. Campanile (1988)
  • Non tutti i ladri vengono per nuocere di D. Fo (1988)
  • Le smanie per la villeggiantura di G. Goldoni (1987)