Experiential Learning Opportunities in Italian

We offer many different opportunities for experiential learning, including UTM Abroad, Summer Abroad in Siena, the Italian Play, field trips, and more!

UTM Abroad - Cucina Italiana

Travel to ITALY with ITA235 this fall!

Colosseum in Rome

Travel to Italy this fall! On this all-inclusive, interactive trip through Rome, Bologna, and Florence, you will cook, eat, and learn about the history and cultural traditions of Italian food. Spend 8 amazing days traveling through Italy savoring its world-renowned dishes, alongside your classmates and Professor Teresa Lobalsamo.

  • Experience, first-hand, the rich history of Italian food.
  • Engage in an active learning environment that will be educational, practical, and unforgettable.
  • Add international experience to your resume.

Apply now!

Applications Due Sunday, July 9, 2023


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UTM Abroad Italy 2017

Other courses which have been offered with UTM Abroad include ITA233 Made in Italy: Italian Fashion, from the Theatre to the Runway.

We also participate in the Summer Abroad in Siena program. 

The Italian Play

Students in ITA315Y5 and ITA415Y5 have the opportunity to participate in the staging of a full Italian play production.

Learn more about Maschere Duemondi, the name of the theatre group, and the productions that have been put on.


Field Trips

Students in ITA242H5 Classics of Italian Cinema have the opportunity to participate in local and international field trips, such as to film festivals, studios, etc.

Field trips may also be offered in other Italian courses.


Students in ITA400Y5 Italian Studies Internship and ITA388H5 Italian Studies Education Internship have the opportunity, through work placement, to apply the knowledge and expertise gained throughout their studies and/or interests in Italian. The work placement will take place in schools, school boards, corporations, local media, or community organizations. Applicants enrolled in an ITA program must meet the minimum criteria (must be in 3rd or 4th year of studies, number of courses completed in ITA and CGPA) to be selected for an interview. Applicants who are not enrolled in an ITA program and, therefore, do not have the criteria listed above, are still encouraged to apply. Final decisions will be based on a combination of academic qualifications, experience, and the interview.

 Past placements have included:

  • Italian Chambers of Commerce of Ontario
  • Italian Contemporary Film Festival
  • Villa Forum Long Term Residence 
  • Aurora Importing and Distributing
  • Peel District School Board
  • Toronto District School Board
  • Print and Online Media

Research Opportunity Project (ROP) Courses

[ITA299Y5, ITA399Y5, or ITA499H5]

Enrolment in ROPs are limited and require faculty/departmental approval.

For more information on available ROPs in Italian or other disciplines, please visit the Experiential Education Unit website.

Past projects include:


  • Italian Sociolinguistics in Toronto (Supervisor: Prof. Simone Casini)


Language Conversation Circles

The University of Toronto Mississauga Italian Student Association (UTM ISA), in conjunction with LSAS and ÉFUTM, organizes weekly language conversation circles, where students have the opportunity to practice speaking Italian (and other languages!) with peers.