Michel Lord

Language Studies

Prof. Lord received his Ph.D. in Québécois studies from Laval University. As a Professor at the University of Toronto at Mississauga, he is an Associate Editor of the University of Toronto Quarterly (responsible for the French edition component, more specifically, the publication of the yearly Lettres canadiennes). He is also a member of the editorial board of the following literary publications: Lettres québécoises, XYZ. La revue de la nouvelle, and Virages, la nouvelle en revue.

Prof. Lord retired in 2016.


 He has published numerous refereed articles in journals and books in Canada and in Europe, and published three books [En quête du roman gothique québécois (1837-1860). Tradition littéraire et imaginaire romanesque, [1985] 1994; La logique de l'impossible. Aspects du discours fantastique québécois, 1995, and La nouvelle québécoise au XXe siècle. De la tradition à l'innovation (with André Carpentier), 1997].


His primary research interests are in Québec literature XIXth to the end of the beginning of the XXIst Century, Gothic and Fantastic narratives, short story and narratology.