Course Offerings

For the description and availability of the courses during the academic year, please visit the Course Timetable Planner, and choose the session, the year of study, and the subject area you would like to view, i.e. Language Studies (for elective languages).  

Some languages (e.g. Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, and Spanish) require placement tests to determine the best starting course for each student.

For access to and completion of the Language Course Assessment Questionnaires please visit the link:

Language Courses Offerings:

ARA211Y5  - Introductory Arabic for Student with Prior Background
ARA212Y5  - Introductory Arabic
ARA312Y5  - Intermediate Arabic
ARA412Y5  - Advanced Arabic


CHI100Y5    - Modern Standard Chinese I
CHI101H5    - Modern Chinese I for Students with Prior Background
CHI200Y5    - Modern Standard Chinese II
CHI300Y5    - Modern Standard Chinese III


GER100Y5    - Introductory German I
GER101H5    - Introductory German I: Continuation
GER150H5    - German Cultural Studies I
GER200Y5    - Introductory German II
GER300Y5    - Intermediate German I
GER330H5    - Topics in German Cultural Studies
GER354H5    - Topics in German Cinema Studies
GER490H5    - Independent Study


HIN212Y5   - Introduction to Hindi
HIN312Y5   - Intermediate Hindi


LAT100Y5   - Introduction to Latin
LAT200Y5   - Intermediate Latin


PRS210Y5  - Elementary Persian


SPA100Y5    - Spanish for Beginners
SPA220Y5    - Intermediate Spanish
SPA259H5    - Introduction to Hispanic Culture
SPA320Y5    - Advanced Spanish
SPA323H5    - Business Spanish