ITA400Y5/ITA388H5 Internship Application

Students have the opportunity, through work placement, to apply the knowledge and expertise gained throughout their studies and/or interests in Italian. The work placement will take place in schools, school boards, corporations, local media, or community organizations. Applicants enrolled in an ITA program must meet the minimum criteria (must be in 3rd or 4th year of studies, number of courses completed in ITA and CGPA) to be selected for an interview. Applicants who are not enrolled in an ITA program and, therefore, do not have the criteria listed above, are still encouraged to apply. Final decisions will be based on a combination of academic qualifications, experience, and the interview.

List all experience in order of most recent first. Please ensure that you email a hard copy of your resume to:
Please provide a brief statement about why you are interested in an internship opportunity. What do you hope to gain from this opportunity? Which skills would you like to develop?
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