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  • Year-long (Fall+Winter) Study in Quebec
  • Year-long (Fall+Winter) Study abroad in Europe:
    • Belgium
    • France
    • Switzerland
  •  Summer Study abroad in Tours, France


  • FALL semester abroad: FLORENCE
  • SUMMER year abroad: SIENA 
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UTM Italian courses (Instructor: Lobalsamo, T.) with international travel (INTL) 

  • ITA233H5 Made in Italy: Italian Fashion, from the Theatre to the Runway
  • ITA235H5 Cucina Italiana
  • ITA242H5 Classics of Italian Cinema 
  • ITA102H5 Language Learning with Libretti: Italian for Musicians (In collaboration with the Faculty of Music’s Centre for Opera Studies; UofT)

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Travel to ITALY with ITA235 this summer!

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Travel to Italy this summer! On this all-inclusive, interactive trip through Rome, Bologna, and Florence, you will cook, eat, and learn about the history and cultural traditions of Italian food. Spend 8 amazing days traveling through Italy savoring its world-renowned dishes, alongside your classmates and Professor Teresa Lobalsamo.

  • Experience, first-hand, the rich history of Italian food.
  • Engage in an active learning environment that will be educational, practical, and unforgettable.
  • Add international experience to your resume.

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Applications Due Sunday, March 5, 2023


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Travel to Portugal with EDS388 this summer!

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Travel to Portugal this summer and spend 10 amazing days exploring education and enjoying the rich culture this country has to offer. On this all-inclusive, interactive trip to Lisbon, with a visit to Porto, you will have the opportunity to attend a conference hosted by the Instituto de Educação(IE) from the Universidade de Lisboa, engage with education experts in and out of the classroom, and connect with undergraduate students. All this while forming lifelong bonds with your classmates and Professor Elizabeth Coulson

  • Observations of specified students during class time; 
  • Add international teaching experience to your resume;
  • Engage in a mutual learning exchange with local educators;
  • Discover Portugal's education system;
  • Ignite your passion for teaching in an international setting.

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Applications Due Sunday, March 5, 2023