Research Opportunity Projects (ROPs)

ROP Courses

EDS399H5, FRE299Y5, FRE399Y5, LIN299Y5, LIN399Y5, ITA299Y5, ITA399Y5, ITA499H5. 

Enrolment in ROPs are limited and require faculty/departmental approval.

For more information on available ROPs in Language Studies or other disciplines, please visit the Experiential Education Unit website.

Past projects include:


  • Research Opportunity Program (Supervisor: Coulson, L.)


  • Research Internship in China – Chinese UTM Abroad Program (Supervisor: Hong, R.)
  • Impact Study on the Summer Language Programs in UTM (Supervisor: Hong, R.)
  • Curriculum Mapping in Second Language Teaching Programs (Supervisor: Hong, R.)


  • Italian Sociolinguistics in Toronto (Supervisor: Casini, S.)


  • Resultative secondary Predication in Medieval French / FRE399H5Y La prédication secondaire résultative en français médiéval (Supervisor: Troberg, M.)
  • Trilingual language development and maintenance (Supervisor: Pirvulescu, M.)
  • Mississauga Englishes (Supervisor: Schertz, J.)