UTM190H5 Writing in Place


Writing in Place
(SSc, HUM)

Special Topics at the Intersection of Social Science and Humanities

The 0.5 credit from this course can be used toward either your Social Science (SSc) or Humanities (HUM) distribution requirement.  Offered in the Winter 2023 term (January-April).

From individual bodies to communities and nations, life occurs “in place.” This course presents language as a fascinating range of social, situated, and embodied practices that are discursive and material. In other words, Writing in Place is an examination of language in terms of ideas, actions, and events.

This course offers students the chance to:

  • Practise critical thinking and learn advanced research, writing, and speaking skills.
  • Consider sociolinguistic topics such as: bodily language production, lived experiences, intercultural communication, linguistic diversity, language hierarchies and standardization.
  • Explore how the material realities surrounding health, mobility, education, and the law are mediated and influenced by language. 

This utmONE Scholars first-year seminar is taught by:

A photo of Dr. Shelia Batacharya

Dr. Sheila Batacharya, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Writing Instruction, English Language Learning 

We asked Dr. Batacharya what inspires her about the Writing in Place theme and why she is excited to teach this course to first-year students.

Academic research and writing are collaborative, and students in this course will be encouraged to develop strategies that are contemplative and community building. I’m inspired by the opportunity to work with students in an interdisciplinary manner to consider how we research, write, listen, and speak from specific places and across spaces.  The activities and assessments in Writing in Place will help students develop a critical perspective on knowledge and communication to advance their scholarly perspectives and communication skills. 

In this course, we will endeavor to answer the question: How do you know? Or put differently: Who is involved and what are the contexts and processes for creating and communicating knowledge? There is no shortage of creative responses to these questions, and UTM190 student work has been an inspiration to me and classmates!

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