UTM110H5 Rhetorics of Resistance

UTM110H5: Rhetorics of Resistance
(HUM, SSc)

Special Topics at the Intersection of Social Science and Humanities

The 0.5 credit from this course can be used toward either your Social Science (SSc) or Humanities (HUM) distribution requirement.  This course is offered in the Winter 2023 term (January-April).

Social change is often brought about through activism and agitation. Movements of resistance and revolution inspire action through media such as posters, speeches, literature, visual arts, dance, and more. This course will examine the movement media of (among others) Women’s Suffrage, Civil Rights, Anti-War, Anti-Apartheid, Reparations to Japanese-Canadians, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQIA+ advocacy, and Indigenous Rights.

This course offers students the chance to: 

  • Analyze social movements’ media and its creators through an interdisciplinary approach, using theories from the humanities and social sciences to understand activism at a fundamental level. 
  • Experientially engage with past and current movements through crafting their own visual art, music, speeches, and poetry.
  • Step into the role of provocateur or critic.

In these ways, students will be introduced to the rhetoric of social movements, helping them not only to understand the importance of activism at a deeper level, but to participate intentionally and effectively in the civic spheres of their own lives and cultures.

This course is suitable for students in any discipline who are interested in a deeper understanding of social movements and societal change.

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