WGS420H5F - Chile Itinerary

Day/Location Description of Activities

Day 1

Toronto, Santiago

Overnight flight from Toronto to Santiago

Days 2-3


Arrive in Santiago

Visit Cerro San Cristóbal for spectacular city view

Visit Bellavista Community Centre, meet local activists claiming human rights and learn about initiatives around gender and public space, women empowerment and community service while enjoying a turkey dinner


Day 4

Paine, Santiago

Visit Paine, a community in the outskirts of Santiago heavily impacted by Pinochet's military dictatorship

Visit Memorial Paine, learn about the history of that community, hear powerful stories and learn about programs they offer to preserve the memory and educate new generations on this country's history of oppression and resistance

Visit Con Tierra, a local sustainable farm

Travel back to Santiago

Days 5-6


Visit the Museum of Memory and Human Rights and learn about the military coup, the repression that came in the years after, the resistance, the exile, the international support received, and the defense of human rights

Meet with faculty and students of the Universidad Diego Portales' Human Rights Institute 

Visit Villa Grimaldi, one of the main sites of political repression and torture in Chile that has been turned into a Park for Peace as a site of memory, promotion and defense of human rights

Day 7


Visit a low income school in the outskirts of Santiago where we will connect with the local community, participate in a bike repair workshop, learn about the neighborhood's safety planning, and experience first-hand the power of a community coming together to foster change

Day 8

Santiago, Toronto

Chance to reflect on the experience, take a final stroll through the city and enjoy your last Chilean lunch

Flight from Santiago to Toronto

*Cost of additional activities during free time are not included in the trip fee. This is a sample itinerary and is subject to change.