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Travel to a location pertinent to your studies and deepen your learning through first-hand experience. Before, during, and after the international experience, UTM faculty will connect the course content back to the global experience. This is a unique international opportunity that will allow you to deepen your understanding of course material by travelling to a location related to the subject matter, while maintaining your normal semester structure.

What are the UTM Abroad Academic Experiences?

UTM Abroad Academic Experiences are UTM courses, academic internships or research opportunities offered through the regular academic calendar that offer you an opportunity to participate in an international experience with your professor as part of them. 

How do I find a UTM Abroad Acacemic Experience?

You can identify a UTM Abroad Academic Experience on the Academic Calendar by looking for the INTL designator added to the course title (next to the SSc/SC/HUM course designators). 

What types of academic experiences are available?

There are two formats available:

- INTL REQ: UTM Abroad Courses that require your participation in the international experience as the course content has been developed around the international component.

- INTL OPT: UTM Abroad Courses offer an international opportunity, but do not require student participation in them to take the course.

How do I enrol in a UTM Abroad Academic Experience?

You must apply to the UTM Abroad program first and participate in the selection process, should you be selected, we will enrol you in the corresponding course. It is your responsibility to ensure you meet the course prerequisites and remain enrolled in the course for the duration of the international component.

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2018-19 UTM Abroad Academic Experiences

Here is a snapshot of the 2018-19 UTM Abroad Academic Experiences. Click on the relevant links to learn more about each!


Location Hong Kong SOLD OUT Dominican Republic Peru
Course Code RLG415H5S UTM290H5S BIO210Y5Y
Dates Feb 15 - Feb 24, 2019
Winter Study Break
Feb 15 - Feb 24, 2019
Winter Study Break
Feb 15 - Feb 24, 2019
Winter Study Break
Cost* $2900-3400 $2750-3250 $3500-3800

Closes April 6, 2018

CLOSED Sept 10 to Sept 23, 2018
Note Must be enrolled in the course to participate in the international experience. Must be enrolled in the course to participate in the international experience. Students must be enrolled in BIO210Y5 to participate in the international component. 

Applications are now OPEN!

*The amount published is subject to ancillary approval. Confirmed amounts will be published in March.

**Funding available to UTM students for up to half the cost of the international component based on financial need. CLICK HERE to learn more.

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