UHIP Disenrolment

UHIP Dis-enrolment form for Winter 2021 has closed!

If you are studying remotely outside of Canada for the Winter 2021 semester you are eligible to disenrol from UHIP. Winter dis-enrolment applications apply to the period January 1, 2021 to August 31, 2021.  Please find guidelines below on the dis-enrolment process for Winter 2021.

  1. The dis-enrolment application form is now available here (available from January 18 to February 28).

  2. Once your application has been approved, your UHIP coverage will be cancelled and the fees will be removed from your Acorn account.  

  3. If you have already paid UHIP fees on Acorn, it will be credited back to you. 

  4. Students’ UHIP coverage and fees will be activated again for September 1, 2021.  For students enrolled in summer courses, UHIP coverage and fees will be activated automatically.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you arrive in Canada before the end of the semester or during the summer months, you must contact the UHIP Office at uhip.information@utoronto.ca to re-activate your coverage as soon as possible. UHIP ensures you can access provincial healthcare in Canada as an international student.

Confused about the UHIP disenrolment process? The video below walks you through the UHIP disenrolment process.

International Students Studying in another Canadian Province:


International students studying, outside Ontario in another province within Canada, are ineligible for UHIP dis-enrolment. UHIP coverage for students studying remotely within Canada, outside of Ontario, remains to the same level as in Ontario.  UHIP re-imbursement rate is similar to OHIP and claims submitted for medical-care services received in other provinces will be reimbursed at the same rate as in Ontario. International students covered by provincial healthcare plans (e.g. OHIP) may be eligible for a UHIP exemption. Please contact uhip.information@utoronto.ca for information.

If you have issues accessing the form or have any questions, please email uhip.information@utoronto.ca.