Step One: What to Expect



  • Choose two schools - you will need to list your first and second choices on your application.
  • Be aware of the deadlines for exchange - please check each school using the Learning Abroad website, but generally speaking, the deadlines are as follows;
  • Check your eligibility - see if you meet the CGPA requirements for your two schools. These are listed on the school profile on the Learning Abroad website.
  • Be aware of the funding options available to you and determine your costs.
  • Learn how to transfer credits from exchange onto your UTM transcript.
  • Compile a list of proposed courses for both schools. This is not a final list. You will be given an opportunity to select your actual courses if you are nominated for exchange.


  • Resume - write or update your resume. 
  • Have fewer than 4.0 credits? Complete the Interim Grade Report


  • Now that you've learned the basics...proceed to step two!