UTM Across Canada


Go Across Canada

At nearly 1,000,000 square kilometres there's a lot of land to explore in Canada. UTM Across Canada provides you with the opportunity to travel with a group of UTM students and staff to various provinces and explore the diversity of Canada first hand. The program allows you to take your learning outside the classroom and immerse yourself in what is geographically, historically, and culturally significant in specific regions in Canada.

Why Canada?

The IEC has chosen Canada as the location for travel experiences in order to:

  • Provide international students with a way to participate in a travel opportunity that does not require extra travel documentation or visas;
  • Prepare international students with an introduction to what life in Canada might be like and a deeper understanding of the country where they may one day call home;
  • Offer a way for domestic students to understand more about their own country;
  • Respond to your requests; in the Fall 2016 IEC survey, 33% of respondents told us they wanted to travel across the country and learn more about Canada.

UTM Across Canada has the following learning outcomes:

  • Provide students with an opportunity to explore the diversity of Canada. Each region has its own distinct personality and unique features and we want you to experience this;
  • Assist students in exploring and appreciating the physical landscape of Canada;
  • Arrange for hands-on opportunities to understand the social and cultural nuances that have helped to shape each region;
  • Offer an engaging outside-the-classroom learning experience that will help students draw connections from regions across Canada to their own local communities;
  • Design an affordable travel experience that assists students in developing their global awareness levels and intercultural competencies.

Quebec & Ottawa

Quebec City Skyline

  • Split your time between Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City exploring the culture and language of French Canada;
  • Ottawa focus: Canadian Parliament and government, National museums and galleries, and Canada's 150th Celebrations;
  • Montreal focus: Canadian sport history, Old Town culture, Montreal's 375th birthday celebrations;
  • Quebec City focus: French Canadian heritage and culture, food culture, and Old Town history.

A more detailed itinerary for this experience can be found here


Moraine Lake

  • Experience the culture of life in the West and compare and contrast city life to mountain communities;
  • City focus: enjoy time in both Calgary and Edmonton visiting local points of interest;
  • Nature focus: spend time in National Parks, visiting glacial lakes, and take in the majestic Rocky Mountains;
  • Historical focus: visit the dinosaur capital of the world and the world's oldest buffalo jump.

A more detailed itinerary for this experience can be found here

Applications for the Spring 2018 trip are active from September 11 - October 2, 2017.

Be sure to check back often as information continues to become available for UTM Across Canada experiences.