Resources For YouThe International Education Centre recognizes that although our aim is to aid students during their study period, we may not be able to advise on all issues. We have compiled a list of resources below that you may find useful during your studies at the University of Toronto Mississauga.


Transitioning into a new academic environment can be challenging. The University of Toronto Mississauga works to provide extensive academic support to meet diverse student needs.

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Food Options 

UTM offers a variety of food options on campus. Whether you are looking to grab a coffee on your way to class or a meal during your lunch break, the various food outlets will provide you with plenty of options to choose from.

A few examples include:

  • Pizza Pizza
  • Subway
  • Colman Commons Dining Hall

For a more complete list you can visit Dine on Campus.  

If you feel you are unable to find food options that cater to your needs, you are welcome to Contact Chartwells, UTM’s food provider, to explore solutions.

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Health & Wellbeing

As an international student at the University of Toronto Mississauga, you can access multiple health & wellbeing resources on campus. 

Physical Health & Wellbeing

Staying active and taking care of yourself is essential to your success as a student. Visit a doctor during periods of sickness, the Health & Counselling Centre located right on campus has a great team of staff ready to help you, and take advantage of the outstanding athletic facilities offered by the RAWC to improve and/or maintain your physical fitness. 

Specific services that exist to work towards ensuring students physical needs are met include:

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Living and studying in a foreign country can be overwhleming. As a student, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed, anxious, homesick*, or depressed. It is important for you to reach out and make use of the services available to you.

Specific services that exist on and off campus to provide students support during these times include:

  • AccessAbility Resource Centre - support and aid students with mental health or chronic health conditions, such as diagnosed anxiety;
  • Health & Counselling Centre - the centre houses both personal counselling and psychiatric clinicians that can offer short-term, solution-focused counselling;
  • Good2Talk - is a free helpline for postsecondary students that offers confidential and anonymous support, in the form of professional counselling, mental health information and connections to local resources.

*Homesickness can be felt at any point during a student’s stay at UTM. It is usually high during times of stress, such as midterms, or during holidays. It is important to understand that although this is a common occurrence, students shouldn’t consider it insignificant. If they notice that feelings of homesickness are starting to affect their academics or their mental wellbeing, they are encouraged to speak to the personal counsellors in the Health & Counselling Centre or drop by the International Education Centre to be linked with more resources.   

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Money Matters

International students are required to show proof of financial support as part of the application process for a study permit. While sources of funding for international students are limited, particularly for new students, there are awards, grants, and bursaries available for students to access throughout their studies at UTM. Below are some resources students should be aware of. Please note that these sources are generally accessible only after students have started their degree at UofT.

*Options and deadlines may vary depending on your legal status.

Please consult the UTM Financial Aid and Awards Office if you have any questions and/or need assistance. Make sure to visit the UofT Budgeting page for Budgeting Tips

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Get Involved

Success in the classroom is equally as important as success outside it. Research indicates that getting involved on-campus boosts student success, satisfaction and retention. It is also a great way connect with your peers!

The University of Toronto Mississauga provides a wide variety of options for students to get involved with their community. You could choose to join a club or society on campus, partake in a skill based workshop opportunity, or explore an off-campus alternative. No matter what you choose to do, the many co-curricular opportunities will enhance your learning and personal development.

UTM Specific Opportunities:

Off-Campus Opportunities:

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International Students with Families

Students caring for their own family might find it difficult to manage the responsibilities of school as a student and that of their family. The balance between both is often hard to find and maintain.

There are several on-campus and off-campus resources available to support international students with families.

  • Family Care Office - provides support on family-related issues to students with family responsibilities that include pregnancy, childcare, enrolling your child in school and eldercare.

  • UTM’s Early Learning Centre - provides a place for children of students to grow in an inclusive and stimulating learning environment.

  • We Welcome the World Centre - for students looking to enroll their children in the Peel District School Board system.

  • Newcomer Centre of Peel - provides support and additional resources for recently immigrated international families.

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