IEC Personal Counsellor

International Education Centre (IEC) Personal Counsellor

How to make an appointment.

The IEC Personal Counsellor specializes in supporting international students, first generation Canadians, and students engaging in international experiences. Students can make an appointment by calling or visiting the IEC Student Services Desk in the International Education Centre. 

What is counselling? 

Counselling is an opportunity to speak with a skilled professional about any struggles or concerns you may be experiencing. Counselling is not about getting advice, but rather the chance to talk to someone who will listen without judgement, and who will work collaboratively with you on your goals. It’s a free and confidential service. For students who need more complex or long-term help, the counsellor will work to connect you to appropriate community supports.

Who is the IEC Personal Counsellor? 

The IEC Personal Counsellor has experience providing support to students facing a variety of life stresses and mental health concerns. The IEC Personal Counsellor is an internationally experienced professional who has worked on all three campuses at U of T and is available as a resource to any UTM student connected to the IEC. The IEC Personal Counsellor provides individual counselling, as well as group counselling and programs throughout the year.

What can I expect coming in for counselling?

After you book an appointment, you will then be contacted by an IEC staff member via email 24-48 business hours prior to your appointment. Appointments are held in the IEC Personal Counsellor’s office, which is located in the IEC, in the William G. Davis building (DV 2071). Appointments are usually one-on-one with the counsellor and last for one hour.

What kind of issues can the IEC Personal Counsellor help with? 

The IEC Personal Counsellor helps students who face a variety of issues. Some of these include: anxiety, stress, depression, transitioning to life in Canada, relationship or family problems, loneliness, home sickness, body image, self-esteem, substance abuse, coming out, and more. Some students worry that their problems might not be "big enough” to seek out counselling for, but everyone can use someone to talk to! There is no such thing as too small (or too big) of a concern to talk to the counsellor about. Everyone is welcome.

What kind of approach does the IEC Personal Counsellor take? 

The IEC Personal Counsellor offers short-term, solution-focused counselling. She uses a variety of modalities, including narrative therapy, cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT), and emotion focused therapy (EFT).

What impact will seeing the IEC Personal Counsellor have on me? 

It depends on your individual situation and goals, but other students who attend counselling report feeling happier, less stressed, and more confident in their ability to handle their stresses.