International Research Opportunity Program

Want to gain international research experience at Canada's top university while earning credits towards your degree at your home institution?

The International Research Opportunity Program (iROP) is a joint initiative between the International Education Centre and the Experiential Education Unit, Office of the Dean.

An iROP offers undergraduate students the chance to work on cutting edge, hands-on research; one-on-one with some of the university's most renowned professors at Canada's premiere research institution.

Students will not only have the opportunity to gain practical skills and knowledge but also explore new areas of interest. The experience students gain can be directly applied to related careers and future graduate studies.

Along with research, iROP students can choose to partake in classes offered by UTM during their period of stay, providing a well rounded global study experience.


Research Areas

The University of Toronto Mississauga conducts research in a wide variety of areas. Below are links to research areas in a number of our academic departments.

Chemical and Physical Sciences




Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology

This link profiles UTM researchers across a variety of academic disciplines;

Researcher Profiles

Interested in Applying? 

Please choose 2-3 professors or research areas from the links above along with the following documents to Please do not contact the professors you are interested in conducting research with at this point.

You can contact us to explore a research project before you are nominated by your home institution, however in order to come on an iROP, you must be formally nominated as an exchange student.

Please note that a research placement is not guaranteed, but we will do our best to place you in a project of interest.


The iROP runs from mid-May to mid-August over the summer and is also available for exchange students coming to UTM during the academic year (Fall, Winter + Full Year).


iROP students will pay all course fees to their home institution. The only costs in Canada will be for accommodation and living expenses. The University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) offers guaranteed on campus accommodation for all SUMMER iROP students as well as a free area bus pass plus gym and library access.

Conducting Research in Canada

Please note that a work permit may be required if you are enrolled in an exchange program that has an internship or research component. Please consult the Canadian visa office serving your country of citizenship/residency before coming to Canada.

You do not need a study permit if your exchange program is six months or less. If your exchange program is more than six months you will need to apply and obtain a study permit before coming to Canada. In either case, if you want to work or participate in research on campus during your study in Canada, you will need to apply for and obtain a study permit.

To ensure your visa(s) are processed in time, we advise you to start your visa application process immediately upon receipt of your acceptance letter by visiting an out of Canada visa office