Global Citizenship Certificate

What is a Global Citizen?

An individual who demonstrates a commitment to understanding one’s own identities and cultures in relation to others and communities, while developing intercultural consciousness. They do this through engaging with people with diverse identities and perspectives, while analyzing the interconnectedness of their local and global communities to understand perspectives beyond their own and to work with others in ways beyond their own.  

What is the Global Citizenship Certificate?

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Co-Curricular Record

Co-Curricular Record

The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) at the University of Toronto is designed to help students find opportunities beyond the classroom and have their skills and experiences captured on an official university document. 

In order to receive the "Global Citizen" CCR notation, students must complete three opportunities that develop the three competencies below. Students will then be invited to attend a reflection session focused on global and intercultural competency, where they engage in identity awareness and development. 

Global Perspective and Engagement

  • Understands and analyzes the interconnectedness of societies worldwide;
  • Develops and demonstrates intercultural competency and exhibits appropriate stewardship of human, economic, and environmental resources;
  • Identifies one's own individual agency in a global perspective. 

Examples of opportunities: utmLEADUTM Abroad Co-Curricular Experience, Mohawk Language Exhibit Volunteer

Fostering Inclusivity and Equity

  • Understands and explores one's own identity and culture in relation to others;
  • Seeks involvement with people different from oneself;
  • Articulates the advantages and impact of a diverse society;
  • Identifies and challenges systemic barriers to equality and inclusiveness;
  • Exhibits respect and preserve the dignity of others in all interactions. 

Examples of opportunities: Accessibility Peer Mentor Program, Community on Campus Volunteer, Facilitated Study Group Facilitator

Community and Civic Engagement 

  • Demonstrates consideration of the welfare of others in decision-making;
  • Participates in service/ volunteer activities that are characterized by reciprocity;
  • Engages in reasoned debate and critical reflection;
  • Understand and participates in relevant governance systems;
  • Educates and facilitates the civic engagement of others.

Examples of opportunities: Alternative Reading Week, MoveU Crew, Free the Children at UTM


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