CsF CCT Pre-Approved Course List

The courses below have been pre approved by the CBEI making them eligible to be selected by CsF students taking Computer Sciences as their program of study in Brazil.

Note: Course enrollments will still depend on eligibility and availability. Please review the courses listed and ensure that you meet their prerequisites prior to making a selection.

CCT204H5 Design Thinking I (SH) (SSc)
CCT207H5 Design Fundamentals (IDM) (SSc)
CCT218H5 Introduction to Digital Culture (IDM) (SSc)
CCT225H5 Information Systems (DEM) (SSc)
CCT226H5 Data Analysis I (DEM) (SSc)
CCT250H5 Technology and Creative Expresssion (SH) (SSc)
CCT260H5 Web Culture and Design (SH) (SSc)
CCT270H5 Principles in Game Design (SH) (SSc)
CCT275H5 An Introduction to Surveillance Studies (IDM) (SSc)
CCT301H5 Design for Online Cultures (IDM) (SSc)
CCT305H5 Design and Implementation of Multimedia Documents (SH) (SSc)
CCT308H5 Advanced Research Methodologies (SSc)
CCT311H5 Game Design and Theory (SH) (SSc)
CCT312H5 Interactive Story Telling for Game Development (SH) (SSc)
CCT333H5 Social Innovation(SH) (SSc)
CCT334H5 History and Theory of Game Production (SH) (SSc)
CCT341H5 Collaborative ICT Project (IDM) (SSc)
CCT351H5 Theory and Practice of Animation (SH) (SSc
CCT353H5 Digital Media: Video (SH) (SSc)
CCT357H5 Digital Media: Photography (SH) (SSc)
CCT360H5 Intermediate Web Design (SH) (SSc)
CCT372H5 Knowledge Media Design: Contexts and Practices (IDM) (SSc)
CCT374H5 Technologies of Knowledge Media (IDM) (SSc)
CCT376H5 Introduction to Modelling Information (IDM) (SSc)
CCT377H5 Applied Perception: Image and Sound Processing (SCI)
CCT380H5 Human-Computer Interaction and Communication (SSc)
CCT381H5 Virtual Media Audiences: Imagined and Actual (IDM) (SSc)
CCT382H5 Edutainment: Immersive Learning (IDM) (SSc)
CCT385H5 An Introduction to Immersive Environments (IDM) (SSc)
CCT386H5 Information Practice in Virtual Worlds: Exploration of Information Environments (SSc)
CCT400H5 Advanced Project (SSc)
CCT402H5 Creating, Protecting and Managing Digital Artifacts (SSc)
CCT406H5 Capstone Design Project (SH) (SSc)
CCT414H5 Special Topics in Knowledge, Media and Design (IDM) (SSc,EXP)
CCT423H5 Game Development Project (SH) (HUM,SSc)
CCT424H5 Strategic Innovation (DEM) (SSc)
MGD429H5 Data Analysis II (SSc)
CCT434H5 Design Thinking II (SH) (SSc)
CCT451H5 Digital Media: Advanced Audio Production (SH) (HUM)
CCT453H5 Digital Media: Advanced Video Production (SH) (HUM)
CCT454H5 Advanced Documentary Practices (SH) (HUM)
CCT456H5 Web Analytics for Online Marketing (SH) (SSc)
CCT457H5 Digital Media: Advanced Photography Production (SH) (SSc)
CCT460H5 Advanced Web Design (SH) (SSc)
CCT470H5 Information Visualization (SH) (SSc)
CCT480H5 User Integrated Design for Interaction (IDM) (SSc)
CCT481H5 Augmented Places and Social Media Spaces (IDM) (SSc)
CCT482H5 Interactive Electronic Design (SH) (SSc)
CCT483H5 Play, Performance and Community in Digital Games (SSc)
CCT487H5 Human Centred Design (IDM) (SSc)
CCT488H5 Human Centred Design (IDM) (SSc)
CCT497H5 Technologies for Knowledge Media (IDM) (SSc)
CCT498H5 Technologies for Knowledge Media (IDM) (SSc)