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Aaniin, Sge:no  Sago, Tansi, Greetings!

The Indigenous Centre at the University of Toronto Mississauga works to support Indigenous students, staff and faculty at UTM as well as inspire future Indigenous students to a welcoming and inclusive UTM community. The Indigenous Centre works to promote equity and inclusion of Indigenous people among students, staff, faculty and throughout the campus.

The Indigenous Centre also offers a number of ways for non-Indigenous peoples to better understand Indigenous peoples and their ways of being. Core to this is promoting a deeper understanding of the cultures, histories, philosophies, traditional practices, spiritual ways and concepts of relationship building. Knowledge of these ideals and the removal of stereotypical imagery are essential to developing intercultural dialogue and improving cultural competency. 

To support these goals, the centre offers ongoing virtual programs such as monthly learning circles, can speak at class lectures and provide curriculum resource support.

It is important to note that all students, staff and faculty are welcome to attend all programs and events associated with the Indigenous Centre, whether they are of Indigenous ancestry or not.



5th Annual Campus (Re)Conciliations Conference on Indigenous Issues in Higher Education: Health, COVID-19 and Reconciliation



UTM Political Science Presents nîpawistamâsowin: We Will Stand Up with the film's director Dr. Tasha Hubbard 


For more information, please contact: 


Tee Duke

UTM Assistant Director, Indigenous Initiatives

Davis Building - Room 3253
University of Toronto Mississauga
p: 905-828-5437

Cat (Mark) Criger

UTM Indigenous Advisor

Davis Building - Room 3206
University of Toronto Mississauga
p: 905-569-4867